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‘True Blood’ series finale review

‘True Blood’ series finale review


Seven years ago I sat down and watched the season premiere of True Blood. I hadn’t heard of the books, but had read all about HBO’s new and highly anticipated show. It was set to be scary, sexy and violent – everything vampires are meant to be – and I wasn’t left disappointed. Since the first epic season we’ve followed Sookie on her journey through love, loss and mystery, and now that we’ve reached the end, it’s going to be awfully hard to say goodbye to our favourite sassy telepathic waitress with a penchant for trouble.

The show’s final episode ‘Thankyou’ begins soon after the penultimate episode ended – with the Yakanomo corporation discovering that Eric let slip to Sookie about the cure. As Gus’ men are on route to pay Miss Stackhouse a visit, Eric hatches an even better plan – to set Sarah Newlin free (but not before feeding her Pam’s blood), murder Gus, and then proceed to steal the whole New Blood plan. It’s genius and Pam is on board. After blowing up Gus in a crawl space and murdering his men before they can get to Sookie, we eventually find Sarah eating garbage on an unused ferris wheel. Shit gets a little weird once Pam finds her, and Sarah makes a plea as to why Pam should turn her into a vampire and potential lover. Pam never fails to disappoint, laughing off Sarah’s suggestions then taking once big bite out of her neck. We’d feel sorry for Sarah if she hadn’t previously tried to wipe out the entire vampire population.

Earlier in the episode we saw Bill beg Sookie to do him the ultimate kindness by using her light to end his life. Sookie is repulsed but Bill makes a pretty good argument for wanting Sookie to have the life she deserves.

Through all the darkness there is thankfully light. Jessica comes back to Vampire Bill’s home with Hoyt in tow, and Bill does what every embarrassing dad does by questioning Hoyt as to his future plans with Jessica. Our hearts simply melted when Hoyt said he could absolutely see himself marrying Jessica, which truly moves the young vamp and her vamp daddy. Jessica and Bill seek privacy upstairs where Jessica reveals how badly she’s always wanted to get married, while Bill reveals how he never got to see his human daughter marry. Things escalated quickly from there, with Jessica telling Bill that he will get to see her marry…tomorrow in fact.

At Jason’s place, Sookie is both surprised to discover he hasn’t yet sexed up Bridget and, after receiving a phone call from Jessica, that they have a impromptu wedding to attend. Jason finds himself properly reunited with Hoyt as his best man, and Sookie is on hand to help Jessica put together a last-minute wedding dress.

Before the festivities begin, Andy, Holly and Arlene have arrived at Bill’s where they find the old vampire looking worse for wear. Bill invites Andy into his office and reveals that since he cannot transfer his estate to Jessica (who isn’t technically his daughter), him home and money must go to his next of kin – Andy Belfleur. The recipient is touched, but kindly admits that he cannot accept the house. In the end, Andy agrees with Bill’s plan to “rent” the house to Jessica and Hoyt for $1 a month. It’s a sweet moment and really heartwarming knowing that Bill has insured Jessica’s financial future.

As the wedding kicks off, something strange happens which shocks Sookie to her core. As Bill is seated next to her, she can suddenly hear his thoughts…and they’re as sweet as she’d always wanted them to be. His thoughts reveal how much he wants “all of this” for Sookie including marriage, a family and a life without danger. Later on, Sookie reveals this revelation to Jason, along with the fact that if he were to sleep with Bridget on the way to the airport…she approves. Jason doesn’t want to be a “girlfriend fucker” anymore but considering Bridget is no longer Hoyts by any means, it’s pretty legit in Sookie’s eyes.

With Jessica married and his estate plans in place, it’s time for Bill to meet the True Death. Sookie has him meet her in the cemetery, where conveniently enough, he still has an empty coffin waiting for him from the war years. Throughout the heartbreaking scene we were desperately waiting for a miracle to happen, and for Bill to suddenly realise that he wants to live. But it never was to be. There’s no doubt that Sookie and Bill are soul mates, and that their time together was fated no matter what you think. But alas, the two could never really live a life together, which is why we’ve made peace with the events that followed.

Sookie announced she cannot kill Bill with her light, as she’s come to terms with it being an important part of who she is. She instead decides to break a shovel and kill Bill the old fashion way – with a stake through the heart. Sookie mounts herself on top of Bill, and after saying how much they love one another, the two guide the stake gently through Bill’s heart. He then finally and dramatically meets the True Death. We wouldn’t blame the fans for swearing at the screen and asking “why, god why?!”, but in truth…this was the only way it could have ended.

A year later, we see that Bill and Pam have made bank on the New Blood idea, and are in the middle of filming a cheesy commercial. Three years later, they’re ringing the stock exchange bell and generally revealing in the outcome of their genius plan. In case you’re wondering what happened to Miss Newlin, don’t you worry…she got her comeuppance in the worst possible way. This time we did feel a bit sorry for her – especially when her hallucinations of ex-husband Steve appeared.

In the last scene, all our favourite characters were gathered together outside Sookie’s house. We see Sookie pregnant with her first child, Jason and Bridget married with three children, and Sam and his adorable daughter stopping by from Chicago. As Sookie kisses a man whose face we do not see, it becomes clear that she’s now living the normal life she’s always dreamed of, which we can’t help but think would never have been possible without the love and sacrifice of Bill Compton.

Despite what other critics are saying, we loved the whole final season. The writers brought the show back to its roots and dealt with the relationships that really mattered. Looking back, I don’t know how anyone (myself included) could have thought it would have ended differently. There was never going to be Sookie and Bill living in martial bliss, but there was always going to be love.