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The Kingsmen Have Their Villain with Samuel L. Jackson


Director Matthew Vaughn is back behind the camera, and his newest film, Kingsman: The Secret Service is shifting things up in terms of both its hero and villain. Colin Firth is on super spy duty, while the legendary Samuel L. Jackson is planning to antagonize him as a hip new villain who has a penchant for the color purple.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Mark Millar (Kick Ass) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Kingsman: The Secret Service follows veteran secret agent Harry Hart (Firth) as he takes on a young protégé, and trains him to follow in his footsteps.


A brand new image of Samuel L. Jackson as lead villain Valentine has just been released, and he’s looking seriously out of his mind, in typical arch villain form. Jackson himself however has been having a blast on the film, saying, ”watching From Russia With Love, it was like, ‘Oh my God, what is this?’ I had never seen a film like that before in my life. I always thought of myself more as Bond than the villain. But as I got older, I realised that villains are a lot more colourful and a lot more interesting and a lot more outside the box. And the whole tongue-in-cheek Bondian aspect of the film is pretty great. It was fun to sit there and do that, using the metaphors of the Bond film.”

Kingsman: The Secret Service looks like a good bit of over-the-top fun, and will be released on February 12, 2015.