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What We Loved About the Premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter

What We Loved About the Premiere of Marvel’s Agent Carter


Last night Marvel fans and TV addicts like myself were treated to an event like no other. Agent Carter, the brainchild of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, made its spectacular debut with two back to back episodes titled “Now is Not the End” and “Bridge and Tunnel”.

However, Agent Carter didn’t just play out like your typical Marvel film or superhero show. This one dares to be different despite existing in an age where superheroes are all the rage. Rather than concentrating on the ‘super’, this one simply focuses on a hero, and her name is Peggy Carter.

Following the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, the show jumps into post WWII life for Peggy as she navigates a world of sexism, old attitudes and danger at every turn. It was exciting, witty, scary and boundary-pushing, ultimately offering superb writing, outstanding costume design and unforgettable acting from a talented cast. Here are some of our favourite moments from the two episodes (WARNING: contains spoilers).

“I’m more than capable of handling whatever these adolescents throw at me”

She may work for the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but it’s clear that Peggy ( Hayley Atwell) is far from being treated like an equal. Snarky comments are constantly thrown her way while her boss and colleagues constantly undermine her abilities. But as she strongly reminds a male friend who tries to stick up for her, this woman can handle anything.

“You want a mission that matters – this is it”

A mission worthy of her talents is finally thrown Peggy’s way early on in the episode. However, it just so happens to come from her friend Howard Stark, who is in big trouble for allegedly selling dangerous weapons to enemies of America. Peggy is soon tasked with finding the thieves who stole the weapons in order to clear Stark’s name, but this will come at a price. Ultimately, the allure of a mission this big is all too tempting for this loyal friend and eternal agent to turn down.

“Leviathan is coming.”

A show with a hero as brilliant as Peggy can’t come without an unspeakable evil to test her. This evidentially will come in the form of a mysterious character known as Leviathan. While middle men appear to do the dirty work, one in particular warns Peggy of the horrors to come. “You’re not going to like the future, such as it is”.

While little is known yet, it’s clear that Peggy will spend the season hot on the tail of this wicked entity, whoever or whatever it may be.

“I’m afraid I wouldn’t be a very good neighbour”

One of my favourite parts of the premiere was seeing Peggy interact with a waitress/aspiring actress at her local diner. The girl in question, Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) attempts to help Peggy find suitable accommodation in New York in the same building as her. However, since Peggy fears her lifestyle will only bring death to those she cares about, she refuses the assistance out of a desire to keep Angie safe. In the end, Peggy caves and it’ll be exciting to see how she balances her secret life with a normal but meaningful friendship.

“There is not a man or woman, no matter how fit he or she may be, who is capable of carrying the entire world on their shoulders”

Interesting relationship dynamics come into play often, and the one between Stark’s butler Jarvis (James D’Arcy) and Peggy is a thrill to watch. Cautious and predictable, Jarvis is an unlikely companion to help Peggy on her mission, but help her he does despite her attempts to stop him. Towards the end, Peggy reveals her hesitation to let anyone assist her, but Jarvis wisely notes that her line of work will require help, and that even great heros like Captain America needed Peggy.

It will be fun to see how this friendship and partnership evolves over the season, particularly as they get closer and closer to finding Leviathan.

The next episode titled “Time and Tide” airs January 13 on ABC.