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Five reasons to watch ‘Daddy’s Home’

Five reasons to watch ‘Daddy’s Home’


Its dad vs step dad in this hilarious comedy that pits Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg against one another. Here’s the synopsis for Daddy’s Home: 

Mild-mannered radio executive Brad (Ferrell) strives to be the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading biological father Dusty (Wahlberg) arrives, forcing Brad to compete for the affection of the kids.

5. An eclectic supporting cast

While Ferrell and Wahlberg are the main stars, Daddy’s Home is filled with an eclectic range of supporting characters that really add to the humour. Thomas Hayden Church is perfectly cast as the slick, sleezy Leo, who quickly turns sides, and ends up supporting Team Dusty despite being Brad’s boss. Bobby Cannavale also appears as a hands on fertility doctor and friend of Dusty who gets a bit too touchy with Brad. The wonderful Hannibal Buress also gets in touch with his inner moocher as handyman Gryff and is constantly adding his two cents to every conversation.

4. Linda Cardellini – stuck in the middle with you

Stuck in the middle of this awkward ‘Dad War’ is the always delightful Linda Cardellini as Sarah, who just wants Brad to step up and prove his worth as a real dad. But while Sarah might be devoted to Brad, she’s also drawn to Dusty’s presence, and this only adds to Brad’s excessive attempts to win her over. Cardellini brings a real strength to Sarah, being the only proper mature and sensible adult in the household. She also really holds her own against Ferrell and Wahlberg, and carves out her own space in the the movie.

3. Physical comedy at its best

Daddy’s Home is a dream come true for fans of slapstick comedy with Ferrell flaunting his horrendously funny antics. From the mishaps aboard Dusty’s Indian chopper to a half pipe drop-in gone wrong, to the results of a bender at a Los Angeles Lakers game, Ferrell truly has audiences in fits of non-stop laughter. The comedy is only added to by Wahlberg’s Dusty, who more often than not facilitates all of the hilarious misfortunes that befall Brad.

2. Mark Wahlberg – biological dad

Striding forward as full on alpha male Dusty, Mark Wahlberg completely owns the screen as the dad who definitely can, and who makes it his mission to outshine Brad in every facet. While Wahlberg has a big presence and stature, he’s never in your face, instead relying on sly mind games to manipulate Brad into falling victim to his manly schemes. But while Dusty is the man of the house, he also has his own hang-ups, such as being constantly reminded of the fact that he turned his back on his wife and children, and ran away.

1. Will Ferrell – step dad

Countering Wahlberg’s alpha dad is Will Ferrell’s totally submissive, weak-willed, but ultimately good intentioned, beta dad Brad. Ferrell truly goes to town as this everyman who desires nothing more than to be a good and loving father to his stepchildren, until the arrival of Dusty sends him over the edge. While Ferrell could have solely focused on the comedic elements of his character, like Wahlberg he works to create a well-rounded picture of a completely average guy who just wants to do good. It’s this dramatic tension, in addition to his perfect comedic timing, that makes Daddy’s Home such a fun watch.

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