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New featurette for ‘The Dark Tower’ looks at Idris Elba’s Gunslinger

A brand new featurette for The Dark Tower dives into the legacy of Idris Elba’s Roland Deschain, a gunslinger who must defeat Matthew McConaughey’s sinister Walter Padick aka The Man in Black. The highly anticipated feature film continuation of Stephen King’s book series is just months away from release, but we’re already sold thanks to the visually […]

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ trailer finds the Bellas desperate to reunite

The Bellas are back ya’ll, and they’re bringing new moves, aca-awesome vocals, and the same tired-ass fat shaming jokes from the first two films…but we’re still excited! An official trailer has finally been released, showing the former Bellas struggling in the real world and desperate to come together again to reclaim their former glory. Check it […]

New ‘Game of Thrones’ season seven trailer teases battles and potential alliances

The internet was blessed with a brand new trailer for Game of Thrones season seven today, and it’s an action-packed watch that teases countless fiery battles, not to mention possible alliances to fight the White Walkers. Check it out here: There are so many great moments to unpack in the trailer, most notably Sansa Stark’s […]

Lily Collins gets to the core of anorexia in ‘To The Bone’ trailer

Anyone who has battled with an eating disorder or witnessed firsthand the debilitating consequences of anorexia will know it’s never just about being thin. Emotional scars, feelings of loss and hurt, control, and fear all come into play, and that’s exactly what director Marti Noxon is tackling in her upcoming film To The Bone. Here’s the […]

‘Dunkirk’ TV spot teases the yearning for home

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is fast becoming 2017’s must-see blockbuster, thanks to its wild action set pieces and dream cast of British acting royalty. A new TV spot has been released that reveals the desperation for the stranded soldiers to reach home, and the brave men that battled to rescue them. The film is a quite a sharp […]

New ‘Annabelle: Creation’ trailers amps up the jump scares

The new trailer for Annabelle: Creation makes a strong case against owning dolls. The follow-up to 2014’s Annabelle, the horror flick focuses on dollmaker and his wife, who welcome a nun and several orphans into their home. However, unbeknown to their visitors, a possessed doll also lives in the house, and quickly sets its sights on the girls. The […]

Filming on ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ has wrapped

It’s safe to say no one expected Pitch Perfect to become a cultural phenomenon when it was released back in 2012, let alone spawn a successful sequel. Thankfully, cinema goers became addicted to the cool mashups, quirky underdog characters, and strong female characters, which is why we’ll get to meet the Bellas once more in December this year. […]

‘My Cousin Rachel’ – Review

The latest adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s mystery novel is an engrossing watch that takes a strong hold of your emotions, and toys with them at every opportunity. Featuring terrific performances from Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen, and Holliday Grainger, the film tells the story of Philip, a young man who becomes enamoured with his […]

John Cena is a gentle bull in trouble in new ‘Ferdinand’ trailer

We all know that Kate McKinnon and John Cena are hilarious, but will their upcoming animated feature, Ferdinand, charm its way into the hearts of audiences? By the looks of the brand new trailer, all signs point to yes. Based on the novel The Story of Ferdinand, the upcoming flick follows Spanish Fighting Bull Ferdinand (Cena), who […]

‘Rough Night’ – Review

Lucia Aniello’s Rough Night is by no means a perfect comedy, but thanks to its game stars and some fun set pieces, it’s an ideal watch for anyone up for a wee laugh. The film stars Scarlett Johansson as bride to be Jess, who reluctantly heads to Miami for her bachelorette party along with besties Alice (Jillian Bell), […]