‘Atomic Blonde’ – Review

Oscar winner Charlie Theron takes action cinema and kicks it in the face in stylish, extravagant and punk rock spy thriller Atomic Blonde, which rewrites all the rules of the action genre. Berlin, 1989. On the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall Western intelligence agents are being hunted down and killed. To stop […]

‘Hampstead’ – Review

Not every movie has to be about outlandish escapism, sometimes it’s best that films are tranquil, sincere and ultimately life affirming. Director Joel Hopkins’ Hampstead is very much the later, and is one of the sweetest cinematic experiences you’ll have all year. Here’s the synopsis: With no zest for life and mounting bills, widower Emily […]

The terrifying new trailer for ‘It’ is here

“You’ll float too…you’ll float too….YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” The horrifying cries of young George Denbrough are difficult to stomach in the shocking new trailer for Andrés Muschietti’s unsettling adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying classic It. Check out the new trailer below…if you dare: Here’s the synopsis: Set in Derry, Maine of the summer of 1989, a group […]