‘Cousins’ – Review

In a poignant story of life, love, loss, family and the journey home, Cousins is a unique story of three women, bound by blood, heritage and culture and is a bold and beautiful exploration of what it means to be connected to Aotearoa. Connected by blood but separated by circumstances, three cousins Mata, Missy and […]

‘WandaVision’ – ‘The Series Finale’ – Review

Well, we’re here. After 9 weeks of sensational long-form storytelling on Disney+ we’ve reached the conclusion of WandaVision and the journey of growth through decades of television of Wanda Maximoff…..and ‘Episode 9’ ‘The Series Finale’ is absolutely MARVELOUS! The battle lines are drawn, and a face-off is imminent as Wanda Maximoff (Elizbeth Olsen) and Vision […]

Acorn TV revs up new March content

We might be back in lockdown, but that’s no excuse to be dreary, as Acorn TV has plenty of fantastic new content to keep you excited this March. New content releasing on Acorn TV in March includes: The Miniaturist – Arriving Monday 1 March This fascinating costume drama, based on the internationally best-selling novel, sees […]

Zack Snyder talks the Snyder Cut

We’re just over two weeks away from the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, an ambitious four-hour cut that is true to director Zack Snyder’s complete vision for this film and its characters. And now Snyder has taken audiences behind-the-scenes of the film in a special fan event. As a part of IGN’s Fan Fest […]

‘Supernova’ – Review

What does it mean to love. And to loss. How do the relationships we share define us and shape us as people. And how do we cope when these relationships sadly have to be let go. These are the central questions of Harry Macqueen’s breathtakingly raw exploration of love and its meaning in Supernova. And you’ll […]