‘Like A Boss’ – Review

It’s time to grab your bestie because the laughs arrive hard with Like A Boss and this is one comedy that will have you in a fit of hysterics with its outlandish humour, and makes for one fabulous watch. Two friends with very different personalities start their own beauty company, Mel & Mia’s, despite not […]

‘Just Mercy’ – Review

A society is judged on its adherence to the rule of law. But what happens when racial tensions, false evidence and a focus on emotion over logic prevails in the investigation and sentencing of a crime. That’s where Just Mercy takes us in a powerful story of truth, hope and the quest for justice. Attorney […]

‘Dolittle’ – Review

Robert Downey Jr. has a talent for bringing larger than life literary characters to life on the big screen and now he breathes new life back into the classic children’s literary figure Dr Dolittle in a bold and colourful new tale in Dolittle. Seven years after his wife’s death, the eccentric John Dolittle (Downey), famed […]