‘Napoleon’ – Review

Celebrated cinema craftsman Sir Ridley Scott returns to the cinema screen with his most colossal work yet with an epic and lavish presentation of the life and conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte, who, from humble beginnings, rose to the extraordinary heights of power and an empire that spanned all of continental Europe. Now, his story arrives […]

‘Thanksgiving’ – Review

Family, togetherness, and blood-curdling horror await with Eli Roth’s intentionally over-the-top slasher fest in Thanksgiving! And this holiday season…ALL WILL BE CARVED! An axe-wielding maniac terrorizes residents of Plymouth, Mass., after a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy. Picking off victims one by one, the seemingly random revenge killings soon become part of a larger, […]

‘Saltburn’ – Review

Writer-director Emerald Fennell invites audiences into a lavish experience of debauchery and excess with her pristine psycho drama Saltburn. And whatever you think this movie is, well, you’ll be in for a surprise because Fennell dials the hedonism up to eleven, and audiences will fall into the unbridled fantasia of Saltburn. Struggling to find his […]

‘EO’ – Review

Sometimes a film comes along that’s so unexpected and emotionally affecting that you simply can’t look away from it. In 2023, that film is EO, a haunting, surreal, beautiful, cruel, dreamlike, sobering watch. And it’s a film you won’t forget. Taken away forcibly from his owner, EO, a bereaved donkey, treads a rough path attempting […]