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RIP Mona: Pretty Little Liars Season Five Summer Finale Goes Dark

RIP Mona: Pretty Little Liars Season Five Summer Finale Goes Dark


It’s not unusual practice for a PLL finale to end with a murder, but the latest victim had escaped getting her ass kicked and face slapped so much we were starting to think she’d never die. Executive Producer Marlene King, has been teasing fans about the death of a major character for a while now, and after last night’s shocking episode titled ‘Taking This one to the Grave’, we finally got to find out who that character was.

Here are our top 10 favourite moments from the summer finale, counting down to the big reveal.

10. “Hannah, is chocolate chip still your favourite?”

Meet and greet

In a desperate bid for help, the Liars show up to Mona’s house to tell her that Ali is at the police station. They’re worried about what their old pal will say (and since she’s got a knack for protecting only herself in times of trouble, they should be worried). When Mona queries as to why the girls would ask her for help, a simple “because you’re Mona” seemed to suffice. Breaking the tension, Mona’s perfectly-timed and oh-so-adorable mother walks into the room with a tray of cookies. I don’t know where this woman has been the whole series but I love her.

9. “I’m sorry officer, I have a difficult time with authority”

Since Toby previously revealed that he’s training to become a police officer, it was only a matter of time before our favourite couple indulged in a little flirty role-playing. Sneaking up on Spencer, the sexy cop-to-be requests that Miss Hastings place her hands behind her head. True to form, Spencer replies with a simple “I’m sorry officer, I have a difficult time with authority”. I always knew they were the kinkiest of the lot.

8. “Where’s Jesus?!”


Who knew that Emily was such a big fan of Christmas? During one of the episode’s lighter scenes, the Liars’ resident Sporty Spice managed to rope in Hanna, Caleb and Paige to help her decorate outside her home. We soon learn that growing up, Emily and her mother would always go all-out for Christmas, knowing that Emily’s father would find his way home. More importantly however, we discover Emily’s love for the family’s Jesus statue…if only she knew what was to become of the religious decoration.

7. “You know that test they make you take…the SAT?”

During a later scene, Haleb find themselves huddled in a car when Caleb finds a piece of paper listing the names of colleges for brainiacs. Being the nice boyfriend he is, Caleb wonders why on earth Hanna has a list with such ambitious colleges. As it turns out, Hanna is totally smart and did so well on the SAT test that the school guidance counselor thought she was cheating. We’d keep this one from Spencer if we we Hanna.

6. “Alison DeLaurentis, please report to the principal”

This scene was short but gave me chills, which is why it earns the number six spot on my top 10 list. After parting ways with her awesome mother in the school hallway, Mona spots Ali surrounded by her new army of “friends”. They’re all basic bitches compared to our favourite Liars but Mona is scared nonetheless. She knows a storm is brewing and this time she’s not the one behind the scheme. Ali is suddenly called to the principal’s office and walks past Mona with an all-knowing smirk. We see this very same look later on.

5. “It was my fault…I pushed her to that place”

As the Liars gather to review the tape recording Mona managed to steal from the police of Ali’s polygraph, they discover a few juicy clues. As it turns out, Ali didn’t spill all that much, but as Mona wisely points out, it’s what Ali doesn’t say that matters. During the questioning, Ali manages to turn the topic onto Spencer, in an attempt to place blame on her old friend. Caleb also did some digging, and found an affidavit indicating the police’s interest in Spencer as the main suspect in Bethany Young’s murder. Being the daughter of two lawyers, Spencer is quick to point out what’s coming next…her arrest.

4. “It must hurt when the ‘loyal one’ betrays you”

As the other Liars infiltrate Radley, Emily is given one job —to keep Ali distracted. She invites her ex one-time lover/BFF/frenemy to her home under the guise of wanting to be friends again. Since Emily is generally pretty bad at this sort of thing, she stupidly turns her back on Ali to go make her some tea (WHY EMILY!?). Unfortunately, Ali is quick to check Emily’s texts and discovers the Liars suspect her to be A. She plays it innocent as usual, but Emily is not convinced, causing Ali to leave in a mood.

3. “She was having an affair with Bethany’s father”

mona and spencer

In order to find the link between Ali and Bethany, Mona and Spencer decide to go undercover at Radley, with some help from Aria on the inside, and Haleb keeping watch from the outside. I have to say how much I loved seeing Spencer and Mona working together — they’re the brightest of the bunch and their competitiveness only fuels the love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship more. They manage to sneak into a file room and discover a tape of Bethany’s therapy session. It’s revealed that Mrs DiLaurentis was having an affair with Bethany’s father, which Ali must have known about. With Detective Holbrook suddenly on the scene, the girls take what evidence they can and make a quick exit.

2. “Spencer Hastings, you’re under arrest for the murder of Bethany Young”

The next day, the Liars are gathered at the coffee shop when Paige reveals that she followed Ali and the twins to an old farmhouse where Ali’s loyal followers were waiting for her. Before the girls can comment, the police arrive and arrest Spencer with the murder of Bethany Young. The girls are in a panic, and since Melissa’s taped confession is currently a no-go zone, all they can do is watch as their friend is helplessly taken away.

1. RIP Mona

I won’t lie to you SpicyPulpers, I’m a bit torn up about this one. Mona was initially a character easy to write off as bad news and nothing more, but girlfriend had heart and plenty of it. Despite going crazy and trying to kill the Liars previously, through each season she bared more of her soul and bit by bit we came to understand why and how Mona came to be the girl we knew. She might not have totally earned the Liars’ trust, but Mona was well on her way once the girls realised Ali was mostly full of crap (finally) and most likely plotting something deranged.

Though hesitant at first, Mona decided to help the Liar’s get to the bottom of the connection between Alison and Bethany. Unfortunately for Mona, A was none to pleased and decided it was time to say goodbye to the unofficial fifth Liar. After seeing her mother off, Mona found herself alone at home on Thanksgiving. She makes a call to Aria to reveal that she now knows Ali is A and has the proof to boot. Unfortunately an unknown blonde is standing right behind Mona just as she congratulates herself on finally beating Ali. The unknown intruder then attacks, and we cut to black.

Moments later, Aria, Ezra, Hannah and Emily rush into Mona’s house to see the evidence for themselves, only to find blood and a big mess. When the cops finally arrive, we find out that there is no body at the scene, but this is being treated as a homicide investigation. Before we can flirt with the idea of ‘no body? not dead’ we cut to A opening a car boot with Mona’s lifeless body. It’s then that we see A place Emily’s prized Jesus decoration on top of Mona.

We were really loving Mona’s turn this season, but thankfully Janel Parrish (who plays the good girl gone bad gone good character) has revealed that she’ll be back in flashbacks, much like Ali appeared throughout the show’s first four seasons.

What did you think of the episode Spicy Pulpers? Are you sad about Mona’s demise?