Home Television News “Stay With Me, We’re Almost There”: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere
“Stay With Me, We’re Almost There”: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere

“Stay With Me, We’re Almost There”: Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere


It’s a bittersweet time for Sons of Anarchy fans. The hit FX series has reached its final season, marking an end of an era. That being said, it also means it’s crunch time for the coolest and most complex characters to grace our screens in recent years. After the shocking season six finale, we’ve all been waiting in agony to discover the aftermath of Tara’s death and more importantly, if Jax was ever going to find out the truth about her murderer. If you caught Tuesday’s premiere episode, you’ll know just how much more complicated the situation has become.


5. “He found the woman he loved dead…the woman he loved more than anything. What do you want him to say?”

The episode begins and ends with some pretty brutal stuff, but it’s the moments in between that really made me sit up. Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Detective Patterson (C.C.H. Pounder) find themselves waiting to visit Jax at the same time. Awkward but unavoidable chat ensues and a guilt-ridden Gemma inquires if there has been any progress in finding Tara’s murderer. The Detective reveals that no one (including Jax) will talk to the police and though Gemma can barely mask her relief, she does a fine job of playing the concerned mother.

4. “I’m hiding…from the club”

After returning from the world’s shortest stint in rehab, Wendy (Drea de Matteo) discovers Juice (Theo Rossi) hiding out in her home at the insistence of Gemma. Initially keen to give Juice the boot, she eventually relents upon discovering that he’s hiding from the club in fear that they will kill him. Later in the episode, we find Wayne (Dayton Callie) snooping around Wendy’s flat after rightfully becoming suspicious that someone else was hiding in her home. Just as he discovers Juice’s bag and club jacket, Wayne gets caught, tied up and gagged by a desperate Juice. We’re unsure what will become of the poor suckers but chances are it’s not going to end well.

3. “We’re all in brother”

During a club meeting, Jax discovers that their various business dealings are going well. Then it turns serious and we get the first glimpse of a new and hardened Jax. Once determined to end the violence, it’s becoming clear to the burdened leader that it’s not possible without the chance of suffering the same fate as his father. Jax then tells his brothers that he needs to know there’s no doubt in anyone’s minds, and that they would die for the man sitting next to them. Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) brought all kinds of feelings to my heart when he says “we’re all in brother. We love you. We trust you. Tell us what you need”. Knowing that it likely means violence and death slightly spoils the sweet moment, but it gives the audience hope for an action-packed season that seeks to tie up any and all loose ends.

2. “Thanks for your hospitality”

In an attempt to encourage unity among the various gang factions, the Sons throw a party in honour of Jax’s release from prison. True to form, this is held at their porn studio, and plenty of ladies are on hand to keep the members distracted. However, it wouldn’t be a club party without a little work thrown into the mix, and Jax only has one thing on his mind…to narrow down just who was responsible for Tara’s death.

1. “Hey, stay with me…we’re almost there”

The final montage of the premiere episode made me cringe in more ways than I can count. In order to give Jax his chance at revenge while saving her own guilty ass, Gemma creates a story about the Chinese being involved with Tara’s murder. During the ‘homecoming’ party, Gemma singles out one of the Chinese gang members, plays friendly with him and then pushes Jax and his boys in the wrong direction.

Since Jax is unaware of Gemma’s deceit and has no reason to question her account of events, he puts a plan in motion to have the Chinese gang member brought to his home. Guided by a gripping cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, the scenes unfolded like something out of a scene from Saw. The man is tied up and gagged, and forced to watch as Jax slowly brings out all the tools of torture he plans on using. In the end he is killed off the same way Tara was…with a fork through the skull. In many ways, this would have allowed Jax some sort of comfort in knowing (as far as he’s concerned) that his wife’s murderer suffered an excruciating death. On the other hand, we hate to think what he’s going to do to Gemma when he discovers the truth…and you know it’s coming.

The next episode titled ‘Toil and Till’, airs Tuesday 16th September.