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Our Favourite Christmas Movies

Our Favourite Christmas Movies

It’s been a fantastic year for the SpicyPulp team, and I’m incredibly excited for us to take a break and spend time with our families this Christmas. As a last parting gift, I wanted to share the team’s favourite festive flicks that will hopefully lift your spirits on the 25th.
“May your days be merry and bright, and may all your christmases be white.”
5. Love Actually
Starring basically every British actor and actress ever, Love Actually offers an hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking look into the lives of a dozen strangers during Christmas time in London. From Hugh Grant’s iconic dance scene to Andrew Lincoln’s recently parodied grand gesture, this is one that’ll both tug at your heartstrings and keep you laughing out loud.

4. The Santa Clause

An oldie but a goodie. In The Santa Claus, Tim Allen stars as Scott Calvin, a man who learns he has to become the new Santa after causing the big man himself to fall from his roof on Christmas Eve. Not only does Calvin have to open his heart to a new life, but he also has to try convince all his loved ones that he is indeed Santa.

3. Home Alone
home alone

This one gave me so many feels I couldn’t even deal. This John Hughes classic tells the story of Kevin McCallister, a boy who is accidentally left behind when his family head to Paris for Christmas. Initially Kevin has a ball with the house all to himself, but with two nasty criminals looking to rob his home, he must quickly step up and formulate a plan to protect it. Though watching a young boy come up with rather disturbing ways to punish two grown men was enjoyable, the scene when he’s reunited with his mother pretty much made my heart explode.

2. Miracle on 34th Street
 miracle on 34th
I’m so gullible that if someone told me they were Santa I’d immediately jump on their lap. Unfortunately Maureen O’Hara’s Doris Walker isn’t so open to the idea of Christmas miracles. This classic tale revolves around an old man who claims to be the real Santa Claus (Edmund Gwenn), and is then institutionalised as insane. It’s then up to a young lawyer (John Payne) to defend him in court and prove that the old man is the real deal. It’s a touching story and one that the whole family (even the grumpy grown ups) can enjoy.

1. White Christmas
white christmas
This gorgeous 1954 musical-comedy stars the brilliant Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen. Featuring the music of Irving Berlin, the story follows a hit song-and-dance duo who become entangled with two sisters (who also happen to be performers) and head to Vermont to rescue a failing inn owned by their former commanding general. There’s dancing, singing, love and classic misunderstandings that generally go with love stories. Either way it’s a winner.