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The Legend Comes to Life in American Sniper

The Legend Comes to Life in American Sniper


Chris Kyle was a US Navy SEAL and the most decorated sniper in US military history, and now his story is being brought to the screen in American Sniper by the dual talents of collaborators Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.

A brand new behind the scenes featurette has just been released, highlighting Kyle’s incredible life story, and the tolls that he faced as both soldier, husband and father, and his journey to reconcile the two. As Clint Eastwood, the film’s directors says, “it’s about a man who is torn between two great responsibilities. His responsibility to his country, and his responsibility to his family.”

The featurette establishes the importance that Eastwood and Cooper placed on honoring Kyle in American Sniper, who was tragically murdered in 2013, for both his family, and his service to his country. His widow Taya Kyle, portrayed by Sienna Miller in the film, appeared to be blown away by Cooper’s performance and the dedication of the filmmakers. “It was like watching Chris in many, many ways. I walked away in awe.”

American Sniper looks to be an absolute cinema tour de force, honouring the complete portrait of a modern day hero as a soldier, brother, husband and father. This is a must-see on January 15.