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Netflix Will Test The Man Without Fear

Netflix Will Test The Man Without Fear


2015 is looking to be an awesome year for Netflix subscribers, especially with the premiere of Marvel’s Daredevil.

In a recent interview with EW, the show’s creative team, Jeph Loeb and Steven S. DeKnight, and star Charlie Cox opened up about what the fans can expect to see from the new series.

According to DeKnight, Daredevil will be a grittier and edgier experience for Marvel fans, taking the approach of a crime drama, rather than your typical superhero film, with the writers drawing inspiration from work such as The Wire, Taxi Driver and The French Connection. But while edge might be the word, DeKnight is quick to point out that they won’t take things too far. “We’re not looking to push it to extreme graphic violence, gratuitous nudity or anything like that,” DeKnight said. “The story does not require that and I think [it] would suffer if you pushed it that far.”


Charlie Cox, the man chosen to inhabit the role of Matt Murdock — a blind lawyer by day who takes on the guise of the masked vigilante Daredevil by night — also opened up about the motivations for his portrayal of Murdock. “He is a man with fear, but he on a daily basis decides to confront that fear and to overcome it,” said Cox. “So the title of ‘the man without fear’ is almost a title that the public in his world gives him just because of what he does. But inside himself, he’s very afraid at times. And he finds a way to confront those fears and punch through it.”


Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb also clarified that the series would be “about both the rise of the hero and the rise of the villain”, namely The Kingpin.

The first initial images of the series suggest that the creative team are drawing their visual inspiration from Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s 1993 five-part miniseries Daredevil: Man Without Fear. While it’s still unbeknown to us exactly what series might play into the first season, subsequent seasons could possibly draw from stories such as Born Again, The Typoid Mary Saga, as well as critically acclaimed work from the last decade such as Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s run when Daredevil’s identity was ousted to the public.

All thirteen episodes of Daredevil are schedule to premiere on Netflix in May.