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Learn Why You Should Never Drop The Con In Focus

Learn Why You Should Never Drop The Con In Focus


Will Smith and Margot Robbie shimmer and shine with very hot chemistry in slick caper tale Focus, where the question of who’s really playing who never stops.

When Nicky Spurgeon (Smith), a seasoned and professional con-man partners up with talented femme fatale Jess Barrett (Robbie), the stage is set for a serious scam. But Nicky’s elaborate con quickly begins to fall apart, and his suspicions turn to the seductive new partner who might just be playing him.

The Con Is On 

From Focus’s very first frame, the con is definitely on. With a clever and quick script, directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa start the film off fast, and it doesn’t let up as audiences are introduced to our two thieves, established pro Nicky, and determined amateur Jess. In Focus nothing is as it seems, and in a marvelous turn which clearly showcases how much skill the filmmaking team possesses, the audience will come to feel that they themselves are just as much a victim of the con as the characters. One particularly awesome scene is when Nicky and Jess head to the Super Bowl, and the intense scene that follows is a masterclass in suspense. With Focus you’re never ahead of the thieves.

Style Is Substance 

The glamour and sophistication of Focus is very, very real, and results in a beautiful movie. Recalling classics of the 1960s such as To Catch A Thief, both Smith and Robbie are on top of their game, with Smith clad in beautifully tailored suits, and Robbie epitomizing the idea of feminine beauty, and harkening back to a very Grace Kelly look. Focus’s dual settings of New Orleans and Buenos Aires also add to the film’s hot and energetic atmosphere.

Focus is a crime caper that’s on top of its game with a great cast, powerful script, intense direction, and beautiful cinematography and costuming. It’s a film that absolutely wins, and audiences will not go away disappointed.

Image source: Roadshow Films.