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Batman V Superman Trailer – Top 5 Moments

Batman V Superman Trailer – Top 5 Moments


The first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice took the internet by storm, with its release revealing our first look at Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman. And now we’re counting down its top five moments!

5. ‘We know better know don’t we. Devils don’t come from hell beneath us. No, they come from the sky.’


This foreshadowing narration from Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor gave us an auditory glimpse into the soft spoken, eloquent, yet thoughtfully direct Luthor. While we’ve only seen an initial first image of Luthor, this statement, and Eisenberg’s menacing tone has us speculating on just how he’ll impact the Man of Steel.

4. False God 


Luthor’s statement, and the general tone of the trailer which plays on Superman’s messiah complex, and the idea of him as a savior, also forms the first part of the trailer. When the trailer focuses up on a statue of the Man Of Steel, with the words False God, scrawled in red spray paint over the symbol of the House of El (the symbol of hope on Krypton) we get this very real feeling that the citizens of Metropolis will turn on their hero in a rapid fury, most definitely incited by Metropolis’s favorite son Lex Luthor. Superman’s position as a savior/messiah is also cemented by a shot that show’s him being surrounded by a baying crowd, with a very distressed Henry Cavill looking perplexed at how he has to handle his god like celebrity, and drama definitely won’t let up here.

3. The Dark Knight Returns 


While the first part of the trailer focuses on Superman and his position as messiah and savior, the second part introduces the DC Cinematic Universe’s new look Batman, portrayed by Ben Affleck, and his character screams The Dark Knight Returns. Written and drawn by Frank Miller, with inks by Klaus Janson and colors by Lynn Varley, The Dark Knight Returns is the quintessential Batman graphic novel, which finds a long retired, and world weary Bruce Wayne, who dons the Batsuit one last time to save a futuristic Gotham gone to hell, resulting in a collision course with his former best friend Superman. From the new look batsuits, to the image of Batman standing on a tower with a sniper rifle in his hand, to both the return of a grittier Batmobile and Batwing, director Zack Snyder looks to be creating the most intimidating Batman ever, and is using DKR as his influence to build his Batman, and this new Gotham for the expanding DC Cinematic Universe.

2. ‘That’s how it starts. The fever, the rage….the feeling of powerlessness, that turns good men cruel.’


Spoken by Jeremy Irons unseen Alfred Pennyworth, these words frame our first look at Ben Affleck’s new look Bruce Wayne, mirroring his ice cold glare as he staunchly stares at his Batsuit; the instrument by which he will reign justice down on the streets of Gotham. With statements such as these Snyder appears to be setting up a Batman who potentially has done some unspeakable things in past in his quest for justice, and whose world view is entirely set in shades of grey. Could we see Batman going too far in Batman v Superman? We’ll have to wait and see.

1. ‘Tell Me, Do You Bleed? You Will.”


Holding our attention from its first frame, the new trailer for Batman v Superman places its audience on a knife edge until it lands at the penultimate showdown between an armored Batman, and an airborne Superman, with a promise from Batman that he will make the Superman bleed in their epic showdown. This clip, which carries an intimidation factor of 11, as well as revealing Batman’s mechanized voice, which is a nice touch, and long overdue, has us primed for March 25, 2016 when these two legends will finally go head to head in an all out battle!