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Rachel’s First Time at MCM Expo London Comic Con

Rachel’s First Time at MCM Expo London Comic Con


Now that I’ve recovered from an exhausting Saturday, it’s time to share my thoughts on MCM London Comic Con.


The bi-yearly event usually takes place every May and October at the impressive Excel Centre on the Royal Victoria Dock, and attracts huge names in the film, tv, comic books, manga, anime, and video games industries.

From collectors’ edition comic books and plushies to signings and panel discussions, there was a lot for a first-timer like myself to take in, but under the guidance of my more experienced friends Grace and Seyi, I managed to make it through alive.


Grace as Agent Maria Hill  (left), Seyi as Nick Fury, and myself as Agent Melinda May

What can I say SpicyPulpers?


From the incredible costumes to the awesome stalls, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. The thing that really struck me was how truly passionate and creative the crowd was. I met talented individuals who spent countless hours creating their costumes (which no doubt cost them a pretty penny), not to mention people who stayed in character the entire time. A special shout out goes to the guy I saw dressed as Oswald Cobblepot who walked with the limp even when not being filmed.

Here’s a look at some of my favourite costumes from the day:


This lovely lass made this stunning costume herself. The results were well worth it don’t ya think?


Ash from Amgpiper props made this outrageously cool Iron Man suit from scratch and I was beyond impressed with his passion. Be sure to check out his Facebook page and show your support. 


A very convincing Oswald Cobblepot.


This gorgeously talented lady made this trendy TARDIS skirt.


She had the the perfect pose ready. Werk it.


Just lol.


After taking their picture I said “excellent” and immediately knew what they were going to say next. “Wayne’s World. Wayne’s World. Party Time. Excellent.”


“I am Groot”.


The coolest group cosplay. 


Ok this one was pretty cool too.


Ok I lied. This group pretty much takes the cake. 


The Winter Soldier. I know he was a baddie but I swooned hard for this guy. 


She seemed surprised that I wanted her photo but who wouldn’t? She made this Daenerys costume herself and absolutely rocked it. Beautiful!


The attention to detail here was insane!


I asked this Scarlet Witch to do the hand gestures and she happily obliged. 


This is Dave. We met on the tube ride over. He was cool.

The panels

By the afternoon I found myself in Theatre B watching a panel discussion for an upcoming ITV show called Jekyll and Hyde.


After a short teaser my interest was piqued. This new 10-part adaptation of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde stars Richard E Grant as Sir Roger Bulstrode, the boss of a secret government department, and Tom Bateman as Robert Jekyll and his darker alter ego. Fans of fantasy, horror and sci-fi are sure to enjoy the show when it premieres in autumn 2015.

The next panel discussion was for BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which so far has aired one episode.


The audience viewed two teasers, the first of which showcased the show’s amazing special effects, and the second which gave us a hint at a particularly mind-bending dream sequence. This seven-part series was adapted from Susanna Clarke’s best-selling novel of the same name and airs on Sunday nights on BBC One. This is definitely one to watch SpicyPulpers!

Now that I’ve had a taste of what MCM has to offer I already want more! When Comic Con rolls around again in October, you can bet I’ll be there all three days. The question is, Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn? Until next time folks.