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Let’s Hear it for ‘The Final Girls’

Let’s Hear it for ‘The Final Girls’


Horror fans will be familiar with the classic tropes of the genre;

  1. Anyone who has sex dies
  2. Black men and women never survive
  3. Preppy d-bags will make things much worse for everyone else before finally getting themselves killed
  4. Girls can never manage to run away without falling (even when there’s nothing to fall over)
  5. Car engines never start
  6. The killer can never really die (sequels = big bucks ya’ll)

The rules are pretty simple (depressing as they are), however nothing is quite so black and white in the world of The Final Girls. 

Directed the Todd Strauss-Schulson, The Final Girls follows high school senior Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga) who, along with her best friends, is transported into the 1980s horror film that starred Max’s mother, famous screen queen Amanda (Malin Akerman), whom she lost in real life. In the world of ‘Camp Bloodbath’ Max and her friends must fight off a machete-wielding killer and find a way to exit the movie before it’s too late.

The film is the latest in a string of horror comedies paying homage to the genre, while also calling out the ridiculous and predictable plot points. The Cabin in the Woods and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil are particular standouts, and based on early reviews, The Final Girls is sure to be just as thrilling and hilarious.

Prepare to see every horror cliche deconstructed to death on October 9.