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Five reasons to watch ‘5 to 7’

Five reasons to watch ‘5 to 7’


The notion of love and relationships is magnificently explored in director Victor Levin’s delightful romance film 5 to 7. Here’s the synopsis:

When aspiring novelist Brian Bloome (Anton Yelchin) meets delicate beauty Arielle Pierpont (Bérénice Marlohe), he soon finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and love. But it all becomes complicated when Arielle admits that she is happily married with children, and Brian finds himself a part of a very different kind of affair.

5 to 7 is a thoroughly entertaining character study of two people, and the reasons that they come to love one another. If you’re not sold yet, then maybe these points will change your mind.

  1. The delicate cinematography of Arnaud Potier

5 to 7 is first and foremost a beautiful piece of cinema to behold thanks to its cinematographer Arnaud Potier, who captures the city of New York with a graceful reverence. Potier’s soft-focus lens captures the extravagance of wealth and prestige that Brian finds him in after becoming entangled with his new lover.

  1. The bickering nature of Glenn Close and Frank Langella

While they only appear briefly, Glenn Close and Frank Langella make a hilarious impression on audiences as Arlene and Sam Bloom, Brian’s disapproving parents. Their comedic timing is spot on, and lending their star power certainly doesn’t do any harm.

  1. The husband and the mistress

When Arielle first proposes her unique relationship to Brian, she informs him that her husband Valery (Lambert Wilson) also has a mistress of his own – the delightful, and warm spirited Jane (Olivia Thirlby). While Valery is a debonair man who is happy with his wife’s new lover, and even teaches him a thing or two, Jane becomes Brian’s companion and guide to the world of 5 to 7 romance.

  1. A resonate tale of all-consuming love

Writer/director Victor Levin has crafted a beautiful tale about the forever changing and dynamic force of love. Through the characters of Brian and Arielle, he examines the concepts of connection and attraction, and how two people can be together without true and total commitment. At times, his film is dashing and exciting, mirroring the passion of his two main characters while other times it is tinged with sadness and regret. It could be argued that Levin has presented a complete representation of the universal theme of love, and just how far people will go in pursuit of it.

  1. The mermaid and the writer

Central to 5 to 7’s success is the relationship that is shared between Arielle and Brian. Likened to The Little Mermaid, Bérénice Marlohe’s Arielle effortlessly sweeps Brian of his feet with her beauty, charm, and drive to experience life. Playing opposite Marlohe is Anton Yelchin as aspiring writer Brian who summons the courage to meet this stunning beauty, and is pulled into a world he could never have of imagined. The two characters are complete and total opposites, but thanks to the formidable talents of the actors playing them, every moment of passion and love feels very real.

Image source: 20th Century Fox.