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Five reasons to watch ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Five reasons to watch ‘The Good Dinosaur’


The geniuses at Disney-Pixar have done it again with The Good Dinosaur – a film that examines how the power of friendship can help us overcome anything.

The Good Dinosaur takes place in an alternate timeline where Earth was never hit by an asteroid and dinosaurs never become extinct. At the heart of the story is a young Apatosaurus named Arlo who loses his father in a tragic accident. One day, Arlo finds himself far away from home after being hit by a rock and falling into a river. In his journey to get home, Arlo befriends a human caveboy that he names Spot.

5. Jurassic Animation

The Good Dinosaur is simply a beautiful piece of animation to behold. From its well rounded characters who are full of life and energy, to the grand vistas of this Jurassic landscape, audiences are truly pulled into a mythical and brave new world.

4. Peter Sohn – Director/Forest Woodbush

Noted Disney-Pixar animator turned director Peter Sohn presents a heartfelt and very moving tale with The Good Dinosaur, while also making his presence known on screen at the same time. As director he sets a solid pace for The Good Dinosaur, with a story that keeps moving, and characters that keep growing. In a bonus turn, he also takes to the screen as the slightly bewildered, strung-out and eerie Styracosaurus named the Forest Woodbush, who has a very weird and kooky collection of friends.

3. The T-Rex wranglers

With a solid Texan drawl, Sam Elliot, Anna Paquin and A.J. Buckley roar out on the high plains as T-Rex cowboys Butch, Ramsey and Nash, who have some important lessons to teach Arlo and Spot about the wild, and overcoming adversity. While Elloit is in his element as his cowboy self, it’s a welcome change of pace for Paquin and Buckly who are hilarious as the very bright Ramsey, and slightly dimwitted Nash.

2. Making your mark

Throughout The Good Dinosaur, there is an idea placed around making your mark on the world, and being recognised for the things you achieve. While for Arlo’s brother and sister this comes easy, for Arlo it’s a struggle, and by showcasing this, Sohn and his animators illuminate for the young audience the power of hard work.

1. Friendship at its best

Ultimately The Good Dinosaur is the story of two mismatched friends, and the love and loyalty they share for one another. While Arlo is naturally gripped by his sense of the fear of the unknown, it’s his friendship and love for Spot that pushes him to overcome his fears, and strike out on his own. But while Spot’s feral wildness might push Arlo to overcome his fears, he’s not without his own sense of loss, and Arlo gives him the reassurance that he’s not alone in the world as long as he has a friend by his side. This touching tribute to the power of friendship is sure to stay with audiences.

Image source: Walt Disney Pictures.