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Top five moments from the new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer

Top five moments from the new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer


The brand new trailer for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has been blowing up the internet today, and the ‘Worst. Heroes. Ever’ are doing a damn fine job of making us root for them.

Comedic in tone and packed with action, there were plenty of interesting tidbits for fans to devour, particularly when it came to the deranged characters. Here are just a few moments that caught our eye:

  1. Controlling the Squad

SpicyPup Suicide Squad DOCTORS

In the comics, the villains who make up the Suicide Squad are made to go on dangerous missions on behalf of the government, who can easily deny knowledge of the team’s existence if anything were to go wrong. While it may seem odd to send out a bunch of lunatics to save the world, the powers that be figured out a pretty tricky way to control the likes of Deadshot and Harley Quinn. The solution? Implant micro bombs in their necks that can be detonated at any time. This scene (as above) could be depicting the medical team that inserts the micro bombs into the squad.

2. The voices

Spicypulp Suicide Squad The Voices

Margot Robbie looks to have perfectly embodied the wacky Harley Quinn, and the new trailer reveals just how loopy this gal really is. The moment when Harley mention ‘the voices’ is absolutely hilarious, and we’re hoping for plenty more just like it in the film.

3. The mission

SpicyPulp Suicide Squad The Mission

While the reason behind the squad’s formation is made very clear, their exact mission in the film is still being kept under wraps. However, this mysterious black substance looks to be the target. But who is behind it? Given how much the Joker features in the trailer, and the fact that he’s not part of the squad, our money would be on the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

4. The creation of Harley Quinn

SpicyPulp Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is Born

Before she was Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleeen Frances Quinzel was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum where the Joker was a patient. In one of the many comics featuring Quinn, an origin story details that her creation came about after the Joker pushed her into a vat of chemicals. However, rather than killing her, she survived, taking on the same insane traits as the Joker. In this scene (above), the Joker jumps into a pool of chemicals where Harley is passed out in. Presumably somewhere in the film we will get to enjoy a flashback that reveals this origin story.

5. The Joker’s toys?

SpicyPulp Suicide Squad The Joker

We knew Jared Leto would bring a fresh level of crazy to the role of the Joker…but this is something else. This scene sees the famous baddie manically laughing while surrounded by a perfect circle of weapons. We don’t know what he’s got planned, but it gives us more and more reason to think that he’s the mastermind behind the black substance.