Home Movie Reviews Five spoiler-free reasons to watch ‘Deadpool’
Five spoiler-free reasons to watch ‘Deadpool’

Five spoiler-free reasons to watch ‘Deadpool’


When it comes to superhero movies, Deadpool is the in-your-face, out of control, and fourth wall-breaking film that fans have been waiting for.

When special forces mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is diagnosed with cancer and given mere months to live, he turns to a secretive government program to save his life. But while he might be given superpowers he’s left horribly disfigured and betrayed, and so sets out to get his revenge and save the woman he loves.

  1. The best opening credits ever

Director Tim Miller is a visual effects genius, and he makes his mark quickly during Deadpool’s epic opening credits, which will have audiences howling with laughter and absolutely pumped for the film. It’s a moment of chimichanga epicness, announcing that Deadpool is the superhero movie that you’ve never ever seen before, but definitely the one you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Did someone call for a genre mash-up of epic proportions?

In the mood for an action thriller, love story, deeply personal drama, and laugh-out-loud fourth wall-breaking comedy? Well then you’ve come to the right place. Wade Wilson is a complicated individual; prone to many different emotions and reactions, and Miller’s inclusion of so many different genres creates a perfectly balanced film. He’s even able to splice genres at the same time, transitioning an action scene directly into a deeply dramatic moment or shifting a love scene into a laugh riot. No matter what genre moment the film slides into, you can definitely count on it being big scale.

  1. Love conquers all

While action fans will not be disappointed by the gun toting, samurai sword swinging, R-rated blood fest presented, it’s the deep love story that will really touch hearts. Ryan Reynolds and the stunning Morena Baccarin make for a gorgeous couple who you completely buy into with their shared and very physical love. Deadpool is essentially a story about a guy trying to get his girl back once everything goes to cancer-induced, scar tissue, super-slave hell, and never for one moment do you dismiss Wade’s resolve.

  1. Ryan Reynolds – what a mouth!

Let’s get one thing clear – Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. Never before has there been an actor more suited for a role, and with his built-in motor mouth constantly running, audiences will find themselves mesmerised by his performance. Reynolds understands the character of Deadpool intimately, and his balance of action hero, romantic lead, and fourth wall-breaker will melt the hearts of fans and converts everywhere.

  1. This one’s for the real heroes – the fans

From the unique opening credits, the cast and crew of Deadpool sing out to one audience group in particular: the fans. If you’re a Deadpool fanatic, then you will love this exciting thrill ride that embraces the fun and joy of what it means to go to the movies. This film was made for those who believe in the power and sheer awesomeness of the iconic character, and you will not be disappointed.

Image: 20th Century Fox