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Five reasons to watch ‘Zoolander 2’

Five reasons to watch ‘Zoolander 2’


Get ready for the catwalk and prepare to unleash your inner ‘Blue Steel’ because Derek Zoolander is back, and ready to shake-up the fashion world one last time.

Long forgotten as a has-been, male model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is called out of retirement when the world’s most beautiful people come under threat. Joining forces with former friend Hansel (Owen Wilson), and a beautiful and sassy Interpol agent (Penelope Cruz), these two idiotic male models are all that stands in the way of a madman destroying all of fashion forever! 

5. High fashion

Set in the world of where extreme is the norm, Zoolander 2 really pushes the boundaries in how it depicts the world of high fashion. Costume designer Leesa Evans really goes for gold, with a range of designs that are inspired by extreme Haute Couture. This is wonderfully paired with the work of production designer Jeff Mann, who utilises the fashion industry’s habit of trend following, and their current obsession with biodegradable materials.

4. Cameos galore

It wouldn’t be a Zoolander movie without some wicked cameos, and Zoolander 2 has plenty of them. Not only do we see the return of Billy Zane, but with the likes of Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, Anna Wintour, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, and Susan Sarandon, Zoolander 2 is definitely star-studded affair. A needy Kiefer Sutherland, and his inclusion in Hansel’s orgy lovefest, creates some terrific laughs in particular. There’s also a surprise cameo from a very famous musician that will leave you howling with laughter.

3. Don Atari – hipster idiot

One of the many scene-stealing characters turns out to be Kyle Mooney, as the idiotic hipster and fashion current idiot savant Don Atari. A walking contradiction who is initially repulsed by Zoolander and Hansel, then praises how much he loves them, Mooney really makes you invested in this zany over the top character.

2. Kristen Wiig goes plastic

Kristen Wiig’s Alexanya Atoz is the supreme madonna of the fashion world, and the SNL alum definitely goes to town as this hard-to-understand character. Atoz is such a fashion icon that she literally floats instead of walks above everyone else, and her thick Russian accent leads to some hilarious conversations. Her relationship with Will Ferrell’s Mugatu is particularly amusing…as long as you can stomach it.

1. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson – The look

The world’s greatest models are back, and this time they’re facing an existential crisis as they try to find their place in the changed world of fashion. This crisis, mixed with their general stupidity, makes for some wickedly funny scenes, like when the handsome duo returns to the catwalk as new fashion trends ‘Old’ and ‘La-me’. If you’re a fan of Blue Steel and Magnum, then you’re in luck, because there’s plenty of golden looks to enjoy.

Image source: Paramount Pictures.