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‘How To Be Single’ – Review

‘How To Be Single’ – Review


Welcome to the party, where everyone is looking for love…but mostly in the wrong places. Alice (Dakota Johnson) wants to be alone, Robin (Rebel Wilson) wants a cheap hook up, Meg (Leslie Mann) is Miss Independent, and and Lucy (Alison Brie), is using statistical calculations on multiple dating sites to find ‘the one’.Then we have the men; a playboy bartender, a father, a sweetheart receptionist, and the ex with a new fiance.

So many love stories are brilliantly brought together in this Christian Ditter-directed flick, which reveals all the complications that comprise the modern day dating scene. The bottom line? Love comes from many places, but if you need to be single, then learn to be happy on your own…and make it an adventure. Here are five lessons learnt in How To Be Single:

Lesson 1: How To Recover From The One Night Stand

Taken under Robin’s wing, Alice discovers the “40 minute” cure to surviving a night out when you have to work the next morning. Prepare to watch drug taking and boob flashing as Robin leads the way. Take note girls: the routine also includes a full face from the makeup counter, and a blow out just to end up being three hours late to the office.

Lesson 2: Keeping Hook Ups Far Away

As the ultimate player, Tom (Anders Holm), knows just how to keep a woman at arm’s length, revealing every dark trick he uses to keep a hook up far away the next day. From smart lines to ensuring no breakfast or water is available the next morning in his apartment, Tom has almost made a career out of of avoiding relationships.

Lesson 3: The Drink Number

According to Robin, in order to have sex, a couple must have reached or surpassed the number of drinks it takes each of them to get wasted. This rule dictates that lightweights will be easy, while people like Robin are a little more difficult (her number is 27).

Lesson 4: Love Shouldn’t Be Quantified

Sweet and logical Lucy (Alison Brie) is looking for love in the most pragmatic way…as if love and romance could be calculated. Desperately seeking a man, she has resorted to creating excel spreadsheets to find that one and only.

Lesson 5: How To Be Alone

Alice takes viewers on quite an adventure through every stage of singledom: wanting a break, flirting, parties, and loneliness. But the key lesson here is as simple as can be: being single is about being comfortable with yourself, and it can be just as fulfilling.

Image: Roadshow Films