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Fury awaits in teaser for ‘Kickboxer: Vengeance’


It was one of the defining action movies of the 1980s and the Kickboxer franchise is set for an impressive re-imaging at the hands of director John Stockwell (Into the Blue, Kid Cannabis) for a brand new generation.

After kickboxing contender Eric Sloan (Darren Shahlavi) accepts a fight from the brutal Muay Tai kickboxing champion Tong Po (Dave Bautista) and is killed without mercy in the ring, his younger brother Kurt (Alain Moussi), steps up to challenge the champion and seek revenge for the death of his brother.

Although it’s only a teaser, Stockwell appears to have brought a hard-edged noir quality to the film and has an impressive list of today’s top action stars and martial artists including Gina Carano, Georges St. Pierre, Cain Velasquez and Dave Bautista. Newcomer Alain Moussi is set to make a big impression in the role of Kurt Sloane, and he’ll receive his training from the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme, who has moved from pupil to master, and will instruct Sloan (his role in the original 1989 film) in the art of kickboxing as Master Durand.

If you’re an action fan then Kickboxer: Vengeance is a film to definitely get excited about. It will be released later this year in select cinemas and on VOD platforms.