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‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – Review

‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ – Review


Mia Wasikowska returns as the adventurous Alice in Alice Through the Looking Glass and finds herself on a daring journey to save the life of her dearest friend, The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), from the ravages of Time himself.

Wasikowska once again commands the screen as the headstrong and independent Alice Kingsleigh, who in the time since Wonderland has explored the world as a sea captain. It’s Alice’s knack for adventure that sees her set off to save the life of her friend, Tarrant Hightop (Johnny Depp), better known as The Mad Hatter, and it’s a very quick and kinetic journey given the central theme of time travel. The friendship between Alice and the Hatter has not strayed, and it’s terrific to see Wasikowska and Depp back together on screen.

Helena Bonham Carter is also back as the vindictive Iracebeth of Crims aka the Red Queen, who still has it out for Alice, while Anne Hathaway returns as her waifish sister, Mirana of Marmoreal aka the White Queen, who seeks to atone for her past, and make amends with her sister. Stephen Fry’s Cheshire, Michael Sheen’s Nivens McTwisp, Matt Lucas’ Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and Alan Rickman as Absolem, are also all present and accounted for, and unsurprisingly on point.

However, it is Sacha Baron Cohen as Time who really steals the show. Thoroughly bizarre, Cohen portrays Time as very out of touch with the populace of Underland, having spent all of eternity within his great citadel. Given how weird the rest of the characters are, it’s amazing that Cohen even manages to make Time come across as kooky as he does.

Like its predecessor, Through the Looking Glass is set in the fantastical world of Underland, and director James Bobin has followed in the footsteps of director and now producer Tim Burton with a batch of colourful characters and exotic landscapes. It’s easy for one to get lost in the strangeness of this fairytale world, and whether you’re old or young, you’ll find yourself amazed at its stunning visuals.

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a worthy sequel and carries the same spirit and magic of Wonderland. It’s use of time travel as a plot device also opens up its beloved characters to further exploration, and we get to enjoy some terrific moments. So buy a ticket and step into a world of madness one more time.

Image source: Walt Disney Pictures.