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Suicide Squad Series: Deadshot – On Target

Suicide Squad Series: Deadshot – On Target


The final countdown is on for Suicide Squad, and we can barely contain our excitement. Over the last few weeks we’ve worked to profile various members of the Squad, and now we’re turning to the leader of the pack, a criminal marksman who is not going to play fair. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Deadshot.

Making his first appearance in July 1950 in Batman #59, professional marksman and assassin Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot has long been a favourite for both creators and fans. Known for his proficient accuracy and use of firearms, Deadshot regularly boasts that he’s ‘the man who cannot miss.’ With a reputation in the DC Universe as a consummate professional who’ll go to great lengths to get the job done, he’s long been a favoured foe of DC vigilantes Batman and Green Arrow, and has been a Suicide Squad member multiple times.

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As a larger than life character it’s not surprising that Ayer sought out superstar actor Will Smith to bring Deadshot to life. As one of the biggest stars on Suicide Squad’s roster, Smith brings charisma, skill, and personality to this feral rogue, and is sure to be one of the film’s highlights.

But it’s not all big guns and astonishing precision that we’ll get to see with Deadshot, as he’ll also be portrayed as a loving father trying to do right by his young daughter Zoe. This character development makes for a unique experience for cinema-goers, as they’ll get to see a villain of Deadshot’s calibre outside of his natural criminal playground.

Suicide Squad will be released in cinemas on August 4 in New Zealand and Australia and on August 5 in the US and UK.