Home Television Recaps ‘Scream’ Halloween special brings plenty of bloody surprises
‘Scream’ Halloween special brings plenty of bloody surprises

‘Scream’ Halloween special brings plenty of bloody surprises


Anyone with a love for the macabre should be watching MTV’s Scream, the twisted, fun, and meta series that’s put a unique spin on the slasher genre. After two tense seasons which saw the death of many core characters, including one killer, fans were still not ready to say goodbye to the Lakewood six (myself included).

While a third series has been green lit, 2017 still seems forever away, so it’s just as well that the writers planned an equally gruesome two-hour Halloween special for us to enjoy in the meantime.

Set eight months after the events of season two, Emma, Audrey, Brooke, Noah, Stavo are dealing with the aftermath of Kieran’s killing spree. While Emma is struggling with her identity and a persistent media circus, Audrey has found a new girlfriend, and Noah and Stavo have become the brains behind a best-selling graphic novel. However, with their business partner Jeremy pushing for a second novel, Noah and Stavo agree to take a trip to Shallow Grove Island to research (and hopefully become inspired by) the Anna Hobbs murders. But our survivors can’t simply be left in peace for their wee vacation, and naturally another murderer emerges to wreak havoc on the island.

First things first: can we talk about the totally unexpected murder of Kieran in prison? That’s one twist I didn’t see coming. You might remember the phone call Kieran received at the end of the second season by someone who may or may not have been Brandon James? The exchange presumably left Kieran’s storyline open for further development. Well those plans were dashed within the first 10 minutes of the Halloween special. After murdering a police officer and busting Kieran out, the masked assailant promptly slashed his throat. This leaves us wondering – who could this new killer be?

In any case, there wasn’t much time to ponder as we soon find Emma and the gang enjoying their vacation on Shallow Grove Island. It’s here that we’re given a new murder mystery, a new mask to get creeped out by, and a few shady characters that weasel their way into the Lakewood survivor’s lives. Most notable out of the lot was handsome stranger Alex Whitman, who also happened to be a descendant of Reginald Whitman, one of Anna Hobbs’ alleged victims.

While the special lacked the great tension utilised in the first two seasons, the murders still came hard and fast, causing our heroes to question whether this new killer was connecting the Brandon James mystery with the Anna Hobbs story. Emma was more worried than ever after receiving a phone call saying she would never ever be free (presumably this was the same person who killed Kieran), and the rest of her friends were left reeling after finding some of the island’s inhabitants brutally murdered. This all leads to a final showdown in the Whitman mansion, where it’s soon revealed that Alex isn’t who he says he is, essentially ruining Emma’s ability to ever trust a guy again. Turns out he became obsessed with Emma after seeing her on the news, then set up an elaborate plan to bring them together on the island and murder anyone who could identify him as not being the real Alex Whitman.

As per usual, Noah figures out the real story (or at least a more plausible one) behind the Anna Hobbs murders, and quickly surmises that Emma could be in danger, since he and the others were separated from her. However, Emma is a badass who doesn’t need saving, and handles Alex herself by pushing him off the balcony after declaring “I don’t need a hero, I’m Emma Duval!” Identify crisis averted.

But just before the special wraps up, we’re left with two OMG moments: Emma’s father Kevin visiting Kieran’s grave (shady), and a stranger by the name of ‘Mr. James’ checking into a hotel in Lakewood (shadier). This leaves us with many questions:

  • Why on God’s green earth would Kevin visit Kieran’s grave?
  • Was it THE Brandon James checking into the hotel? Or was it his brother Troy? OR….was it someone just pretending to be a James?
  • Why did the masked assailant kill Kieran? Was it someone from his past seeking revenge for his wrongdoings? Or was it someone looking to takeover?
  • Will Emma ever come face to face with Brandon? Will he kill her for ending his daughter’s life?

It’s just as well season three will be coming out way next year. I love a good mystery…as long as I eventually get answers.