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My thoughts on the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival ending and those last four words

My thoughts on the ‘Gilmore Girls’ revival ending and those last four words


WARNING: this article contains spoilers. 

I have three words for you: full-fricken-circle.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life finally premiered on Netflix on Friday, and it’s been a weekend of binge-watching and reflecting for me. As a long-time fan of the series, it’s safe to say I’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear the long-awaited final four words that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has been teasing for years. They went as follows:

Rory: Mom?
Lorelai: Yeah?
Rory: I’m pregnant.

Yep. That happened. It’s also left fans with more questions than answers, but for me, it all felt so right.

Let’s just get the obvious parallels to Lorelai’s life out of the way first: in many ways, Logan (who I presume is the father) is to Rory what Christopher was to Lorelai. Sure it would have been magical to make it work, but it never quite fit, and as Lorelai said in the revival “it has to fit.” No matter how strong their feelings were for one another, it was never truly meant to be…because life.

Now the next parallel: Jess is to Rory what Luke is Lorelai. I’ve always been team Jess. As amazing as a first boyfriend could be, Dean never cut the mustard, and Logan came with too many obstacles and complications that he could have given up if he wanted to. But Jess gets Rory. In the series, he gave her the push she needed to realise quitting school was stupid, and in the revival, he came through again, encouraging Rory to write a book about her life with Lorelai.

There’s a moment in ‘Fall’ when Jess stares at Rory through a window, and the camera lingers on him just long enough to indicate that love is still there, and perhaps the time is finally right for these two. Though Rory may be carrying Logan’s child, I highly doubt this will stand in the way of two people so perfectly matched from finally getting together. Team Jess all the way.

I’ve read some articles that haven’t been as optimistic about this ambiguous ending, calling Rory’s situation a letdown. Some are treating her hard and aimless year as the end of life as we know it. No, her career isn’t at a stellar point, but has every successful and ambitious person never had a bad year or two? And, do they really think that someone as hardworking and passionate as Rory is going to stay this way forever?

So maybe Rory isn’t meant to be a journalist like she had always planned, but if I know one thing it’s that Rory was always destined to be successful. Maybe it will be as a novelist, mother, partner or anything else she wants to be. Or maybe she will go back to journalism after a bit more life experience. Either way, I have hope.

Palladino has placed Rory in the real world and thrown in some disappointments and surprises. People shouldn’t see this ending as letdown for a character who they’ve put on a pedestal for so many years. It has come full circle for the Gilmore girls, and it’s beautiful.

Image: Netflix