Home Movie Trailers The action doesn’t stop in new trailer for ‘John Wick 2’
The action doesn’t stop in new trailer for ‘John Wick 2’

The action doesn’t stop in new trailer for ‘John Wick 2’


It’s one of our most anticipated action films of 2017 and Keanu Reeves is holding nothing back in the new trailer for John Wick 2.

Check it out below:

Here’s the synopsis:

Legendary hitman John Wick just wants to be left alone but is once again called out of retirement by a former associate who is plotting to overthrow an international assassin’s guild and forces John into helping him. Bound by a blood debt Wick finds himself travelling to Rome where he becomes the subject of a violent manhunt by some of the world’s most feared killers and must call on all his considerable skills to stay alive and take his revenge.

Director Chad Stahelski has really dialed the action up with this second chapter of his adrenaline-charged action series which finds Reeves gunning his way through a plethora of bad guys, and causing some pretty chaotic moments on both the streets of his native New York and Rome. The new trailer captures all of this and more and it is an intense ride.

Part of the excitement of John Wick 2 also comes in the pairing of Reeves and his Matrix collaborator Laurence Fishburne who portrays the mysterious crime lord known only as The Bowery King. What relationship these two characters share is yet to be determined, but it will no doubt produce some very memorable screen time between the two of them.

John Wick 2 will be released in cinemas on May 18, 2017.