Home Television News Jonathan Rhys Meyers set to make his debut in ‘Vikings’
Jonathan Rhys Meyers set to make his debut in ‘Vikings’

Jonathan Rhys Meyers set to make his debut in ‘Vikings’


This second half of Vikings fourth season has had us hooked, and now the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions as the Ragnarsons prepare to bring the Kingdom of Wessex to heel in the series finale.

Set to make his debut in the final episode is veteran TV and film actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who’ll be guest starring as Heahmund, a fanatical warrior priest. Meyers’ introduction will lead into a major role in the upcoming fifth season, where he’ll apparently be the equal to Alex Hogh Anderson’s psychotic Ivar the Boneless.


Entertainment Weekly recently shared the first image of Meyers as Heahmund, and spoke with Vikings creator Michael Hirst about the character’s importance in the upcoming season.

“I was looking at the history books, and I came across these warrior bishops,” said Hirst. “The antecedents of the Knights Templar: these are people who were absolutely religious, yet they put on armour and they fought. Don’t let their priestly status fool you, either. They were crazy! They believed totally in Christianity and the message, and yet, on the battlefield, they were totally berserk.”

Meyers shares a history with Hirst as they both worked together on the critically acclaimed historical series The Tudors, where Meyers portrayed King Henry VIII. Hirst was undoubtedly impressed by Meyers’ work ethic back then, and is very excited for what the actor will bring to Vikings this season as the crazed Heahmund.

“Johnny is just perfect for this crazed, religiously obsessed guy, who is also a sinner. He’s a passionate guy, drawn towards women. He sins, and then when he sins, he punishes himself.”

With such an amazing new adversary for the Ragnarsons arriving, and a character who clearly skirts the line between good and evil, we can’t wait to see what happens in the finale of Vikings.

Source: Entertainment Weekly