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What I’d like to see in ’13 Reasons Why’ season two

What I’d like to see in ’13 Reasons Why’ season two


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has finally be renewed for a second season, confirming what fans and journos the world over have been speculating for the past month.

To say the first season of the Selena Gomez-produced series was controversial would be an understatement. Though the show has countless adoring fans, it did find itself at the receiving end of criticism for its stark portrayal of suicide, and, in some people’s opinion, depicting the act as a form of sweet revenge.

I struggled with my feelings for the series for several episodes, until a turning point made me realise just how much high school me would have related to the series and to Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford). Memories came rushing back and feelings I had long forgotten suddenly came pouring out.

I quickly grew to love the show and care for the characters, gaining a larger understanding of how 13 Reasons Why can have a positive impact on the world. Suicide is a tricky topic for film and television to tackle, and while this story might not have rang true for every single person who has experienced or known a person who has experienced depression, bullying, assault, and indeed, attempted suicide, it did make some excellent strides for the issue by getting people talking. Was it perfect? No. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t made a positive impact.

The first season ended at an interesting point, leaving us with more questions than definitive answers. Here’s just a few things I’d like to see in the upcoming episodes:

1. Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) being brought to justice for raping Hannah and Jessica.

Bryce was recorded by Clay (Dylan Minnette) at the end of the first season admitting what he had done, and I, like many fans, would love to see police, lawyers, and the wider community rallying together to see justice being served.

2. Olivia (Kate Walsh) and Andy (Brian d’Arcy James) aka the Bakers finding some closure.

One of the most heartbreaking things in 13 Reasons Why was seeing the Baker’s struggling to understand why Hannah committed suicide, having no clue about the existence of the tapes until the last episode. I would love to see the writers explore what actions the Bakers take after listening to them, whether it gives them closure or takes their legal case against the school to another level.

3. A reveal on what happened to Alex Standall (Miles Heizer).

The biggest shock in season one’s final episode was learning that Alex attempted suicide and was in critical condition at the hospital. If Alex were to live (and we’re praying he does), exploring the emotional, psychological and physical impact the attempt has on his life afterwards would be an interesting and important watch.

4. Tyler getting the help he needs before he potentially hurts others.

A startling discovery during season one’s final episode revealed Tyler’s collection of guns and ammunition. Combined with his attitude in the build up to the finale, and the fact that he had been subjected to bullying from his peers, many fans thought all signs pointed to Tyler planning a shooting. Fingers crossed the writers address this one asap.

5. Jessica’s road to healing

It wasn’t until the last few episodes that Jessica (Alisha Boe) began to admit what had happened to her, and her journey as a survivor should be one of the upcoming season’s key storylines. Unfortunately, many men and women can relate to what Jessica has gone through and is yet to go through, making it all the more crucial to get right.