Home Movie Trailers Tom Cruise reaches for the sky in ‘American Made’
Tom Cruise reaches for the sky in ‘American Made’

Tom Cruise reaches for the sky in ‘American Made’


It’s go big or go home in the trailer for Doug Liman’s crazy new biographical crime movie American Made,  which sees Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise strutting his stuff in one of the most outrageous stories to ever rock the American justice system.

Here’s the synopsis:

When veteran TWA pilot Barry Seal (Cruise) is recruited by the CIA to deliver weapons to defeat communists in Central America he thinks nothing of it. This one-time job leads this easy-going family man and all-American pilot into the world of drug smuggling and he’s soon linking up with Pablo Escobar and the notorious Medellin cartel. But as Seal begins to roll in the cash he discovers that he is just a pawn in a larger, more complex operation and his actions lead directly to the embarrassing Iran-Contra scandal that rocked the Reagan administration. 

Check out the trailer below:

Packed with guns, money, drugs, and sex this outrageous true story has everything to keep audiences entertained. Cruise appears to be in his element as the flawed everyman, sporting a spot-on Southern accent, along with getting to show off his lifelong passion for aviation with the film’s thrilling aerial scenes.

American Made will be released on August 24 in New Zealand and Australia and on September 29 in the US and UK.