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‘Logan Lucky’ – Review

‘Logan Lucky’ – Review


Steven Soderbergh takes audiences on one hell of a ride with Logan Lucky, one of the most original and audacious films to be released all year.

After losing his job, and finding himself with no prospects Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) decides that the only way he can get ahead is with a daring robbery of Charlotte Motor Speedway. But what starts off as a simple smash and grab plan soon turns into a far more crazier heist than he could have imagined, complete with a cast of eccentric characters.

While Channing Tatum may be Hollywood’s go to heartthrob when they want ripped abs and a good dose of sex appeal, here the actor does away with all of that and instead embraces the crazy world of Jimmy Logan. Tatum makes for a damn fine backwoods country boy with his pudgy looks and spot on Southern drawl. But it’s his gift for plotting that really sets him apart. Along with his brother Clyde (Adam Driver) the two plot a daring heist to improve their fortunes and banish the so-called ‘Logan family curse’.

Both Tatum and Driver are incredibly convincing as brothers and the two have a great back and forth exchange with one another. Both are protective of the other and this crazy plan of Jimmy’s certainly leads Clyde into some compromising positions. And did I mention that Clyde only has one arm? Yep, there’s all kind of eccentric ideas going on in this movie, and as the brothers put their plan into action you can’t help but think whether it’s Jimmy’s shrewd scheming or just plain old dumb luck that see’s them through.

However, it’s far and away Daniel Craig who steals the show as the thoroughly bizarre bank robber and explosives expert Joe Bang. Craig swaps out his cool confidence and debonair charm in favour of prison tattoos and a solid Hicksville accent as Bang. And it is glorious to watch. With Bang, you never know what he’s going to do next, and more often than not he drags the Logan brothers into even deeper trouble. But Bang’s not stupid, no far from it, and these unexpected moments of pure genius are guaranteed to have you in stitches. The stupidity instead comes in the form of his own idiot brothers, Sam (Brian Gleeson) and Fish (Jack Quaid), who are two of the most memorably moronic characters you’ll ever witness up on screen. I thought stupidity had a limit until I saw these two idiots, and the gags that result are hysterical.

Logan Lucky is not the typical film Hollywood puts out. And director Steven Soderbergh wanted it that way. Instead its the crazy, country cousin of the director’s most famous film Ocean’s 11 that we get here, and although it might be out there, it’s brilliant. I was engaged the entire time that I was watching this film. Equal parts drama, comedy, romance and caper film, Logan Lucky does things you don’t expect it to and with its shifting narrative points and twisting turns is so much fun to watch.

If you like films that are clever, original and completely off the beaten path then Logan Lucky is a film you should definitely invest your time in. You’ll find yourself laughing at the most inappropriate moments and when the screen fades to its credits you’ll go ‘damn that was fun’.

Image: Roadshow Films