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‘Black Panther’ – Top Five Trailer Moments

‘Black Panther’ – Top Five Trailer Moments


Marvel Studio’s Black Panther is all kinds of exciting and the recently released trailer promises audiences one action-packed rush.

Check out our top five moments from the trailer below:

5. “I’ve seen gods fly….I’ve seen men build weapons that I couldn’t even imagine….I’ve seen aliens drop from the sky….but I’ve never seen anything like this.”

Black Panther Top five Trailer Moments SpicyPulp

Martin Freeman’s Everett K. Ross gives one hell of an introduction for the new Black Panther trailer and his opening monologue carries audiences into the visionary grandeur of the mythical African nation of Wakanda. This ‘El Dorado’ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an amazing melding of technological advancement and cultural heritage. With a beautiful design aesthetic that is heavy on vibrant colours and striking architecture, Wakanda sure looks like one amazing destination to visit and provides the perfect landscape for the adventures of a superhero monarch.

4. Destiny

Black Panther Top Five Trailer Moments Destiny SpicyPulp

Every hero faces a call of destiny, and Chadwick Boseman’s newly coronated King T’Challa finds his in an eerie looking dream sequence in the new Black Panther trailer. What we find is Boseman’s T’Challa clad in white and present at the site of a gnarled tree that is the resting spot for a group of hulking panthers. This vision could be part of the side effects of T’Challa’s exposure to the Heart-Shaped Herb. So far we’ve only seen T’Challa’s physical prowess and the technological advancements of his suit, so it is possible that he has still not been exposed to the power of the Heart-Shaped Herb yet. Whatever this sublime moment relates to it sure looks like a quest that will cement our hero’s destiny.

3. “I’ve waited my entire life for this. The world is going to start over. I’m going to burn it all.”

Black Panther Top 5 Trailer Moments Killmonger SpicyPulp

Michael B. Jordan has an axe to grind as Wakandan exile Erik Killmonger, and he plans to bring it down on T’Challa with extreme prejudice. This usual Hollywood nice guy ain’t so nice this time around, and he’s seriously been throwing the weights around. This dude is jacked! He also looks pretty proficient with a handful of bladed weaponry, including the deadly iklwa, and is ready to take on T’Challa in a no-holds-barred battle to the death.

2. The Leopard Strikes

Black Panther Top 5 Trailer Moments Leopard Spicypulp

In a shock that completely took us by surprise, Killmonger unleashes his own version of Black Panther’s unique Vibranium armour that gives this villain the upper hand. Upon closer inspection, you can see that the armour carries the yellow and black spotting of a leopard, a fearsome jungle big cat predator, and one of the world’s most dangerous mankillers. The symbolism is definitely not lost on us, and the idea that Killmonger’s armour could make him a more lethal opponent to Black Panther and the warriors of the Dora Milaje is an intriguing idea.

1. Long Live The King

Black Panther Top Five Moments King SpicyPulp

Black Panther holds a unique position within the MCU as both superhero and King. The idea that he is both a protector to the world, but more essentially the protector of his own nation is an intriguing concept, and until now, has not been explored in the MCU on screen. As T’Challa/Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman looks every part the monarch that the MCU deserves and the pressures and responsibilities that go with this position will surely test the young royal’s willpower and discipline. The world needs heroes and Black Panther is one that is very worthy indeed.

Black Panther will be released in cinemas on February 15, 2018 in Australia and NZ