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‘Justice League’ – Review

‘Justice League’ – Review


If you’re looking for blockbuster superhero action, then you’ll be in heaven with Zack Snyder’s long-awaited Justice League, which is all kinds of fun and is guaranteed to entertain.

In the wake of Superman’s death, the world is thrown into turmoil. With signs pointing to the arrival of an alien invasion, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), the vigilante known as Batman, works with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) to assemble a team of superhuman individuals to save the world and humanity.

While I will be very guarded with this review in regards to specific plot points and will not divulge any information that could be considered spoilerish, I can say without-a-doubt that Justice League is one wild ride! While criticism has been thrown at Zack Snyder and his previous forays into the DC Cinematic Universe for being too dark and gritty, that does not apply here. Justice League is superhero fun at it’s best and brightest. While the world does indeed need saving from the forces of the maniacal Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds), the film is completely upbeat and fun with plenty of big-level superhero action and some powerful character moments. There’s a wonderful optimism placed throughout Justice League that comes from these different and varied heroes coming together and definitely makes the case that if you want to save the world….you can’t do it alone.

Watching Justice League is like watching a DC Comic book featuring Jim Lee’s artwork come to life! Snyder and his creative team do a wonderful job in realizing these larger than life characters and ground their burgeoning cinematic world in exotic locations and wild action moments. The scale and scope are big and benefit the status of these heroes as cultural icons. And given the scale and size of this immense production, I would suggest that all who watch it see it on as big a screen as possible!

But it’s not just size and scale that Snyder delivers on…he also gives us one very cool cast. While Ben Affleck finds his humanity as Bruce Wayne, and a bigger cause to fight for, and Gal Gadot continues to shine as Wonder Women it’s the new cast members that certainly grab our attention this time.

Out ahead of the pack is Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, better known as The Flash. If you want a scene stealer….well you’ve got it. Miller steals the entire movie with his peppy and jazzed up performance. Thie geek-chic speedster brings a whole lot of heart to the film, and his enthusiasm is completely infectious. Part of what makes Barry so appealing is that he’s truly the everyman of the team and can’t help but be impressed with the sights that surround him as he falls into the Justice League. What’s more, he shows it. His eyes are constantly open, and his mouth is gripped in a joyous grin as he gets to step into his new found position as a superhero. And the jokes….well they come fast, and Miller has wickedly quick-timing. Every time you see him up on screen is an awesome moment.

Balancing off against Miller’s enthusiasm is Jason Momoa’s gruff-loner Arthur Curry, better known as the Aquaman. As the protector of the ocean and possessing incredible strength and the ability to swim at supersonic speeds, this is one metahuman you don’t want to get on the wrong side of. Momoa brings his alpha male presence to the character and completely makes him his own with his flowing hair, and an impressive upper-body tribal tattoo. Completely punk rock, Aquaman is caught between two worlds and is definitely the most reluctant member of the league. But when the chips are down you can be sure he’ll stand up, trident in hand to deliver a good ass kicking. And Momoa does a lot of that. He’s definitely the most physically aggressive member of the league and his in-your-face fight style is spurred on by Momoa’s real-life affinity for mixed martial arts. Justice League marks an awesome introduction to Momoa’s Aquaman…and all I can is bring on 2018’s Aquaman!!

Finally, filling out the league as the last recruit is Ray Fisher as Victor Stone/Cyborg, a man who is neither human nor machine, but rather an amalgam of the two. To put it simply, Fisher is a revelation. In his first big film role, he is completely comfortable in his part and brings a true method attention to detail. Fisher’s Cyborg is an almost Frankenstein’s monster of alien tech and is haunted by the constant buzz that circulates through him. His is a journey of accepting his new found place in the world…and of learning to conquer the vast power that is now a part of him in order to be a force for good.

If you love epic levels of superhero blockbuster action…well you’ve come to the right place with Justice League. Zack Snyder packs out this film with some truly memorable action set pieces and when the league do come together it’s a sight to behold. Each member plays off one another, and their interaction and unique abilities come together in an astonishing ballet of super abilities. Make no mistake, Justice League is packed to the brim with CGI, but all of it is handled with care and the utmost attention to detail. And all of it really helps to bring together this fantastic world that Zack Snyder is taking us into. I particularly loved how Snyder and his team visualized the Speed Force, and how Aquaman was able to zoom through the oceans at supersonic speed. For a life-long comic boom fan…this certainly was a dream come true.

Finally, I have to give credit to Danny Elfman’s awesome score for taking me to DC nirvana. Elfman brings his own ideas to the table here and even utilizes his original score from 1989’s Batman for a unique touch.

What more can I say, Justice League is simply a joy to watch from beginning to end. It’s packed to the brim with the blockbuster action that you love and filled out with some great performers who are working at the top of their game. It’s a film that shows that in the darkest moments hope is never too far away and that if you want to save the world it’s sometimes better to do it together.

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