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‘Daddy’s Home 2’ – Review

‘Daddy’s Home 2’ – Review


The festive season is fast approaching and if you’re looking for a merry time then some time spent with Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow is a really good idea and so we implore you to check out the laugh-out-loud comedy Daddy’s Home 2.

Picking up after the events of the first film, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) now have this ‘co-Dad’ thing down solid and everyone is looking forward to a big old-fashioned family Christmas together. But the arrival of their own father’s Kurt (Mel Gibson) and Don (John Lithgow) is set to unravel everything they have built and soon it’s every dad for themselves.

If you’re looking for a bit of laugh-out-loud comedy then you’ve come to the right place with Daddy’s Home 2. I was a huge fan of the original film and was more than excited for the sequel. Returning director Sean Anders certainly knows how to push the buttons of Wahlberg and Ferrell, and he’s taken both of them in a terrific direction with the film’s sequel. Part of what makes a sequel great in my opinion is that characters grow, and this is especially true of Dusty and Brad. Wahlberg’s Dusty is a lot more laid-back this time around, and Brad is ever-so-slightly more masculine (but only a little).

But all of this changes when their own Dad’s arrive.

While Wahlberg might have been in peak alpha male form in Daddy’s Home, he’s got nothing on Mel Gibson’s Kurt Mayron. This former astronaut and all-around womaniser is a grad-A prick and really socks it to his adult son for plenty of laughs. Old Mel doesn’t take to fondly to his son’s ‘co-Dad; lifestyle and throws plenty of shade at Wahlberg.

Then there’s John Lithgow as Brad’s dad Don Whittaker. If you’re looking for a snowflake, well you’ve found it with Don. This big’ol softee is a bit of a nincompoop, and well he brings out Brad’s more pathetic attributes as a result. Lithgow really lets loose with Don and his cringe-worthy behaviour, which includes full-lip kissing with his adult son, and you’ll find yourself crying with laughter.

Did I mention that Daddy’s Home 2 is packed out with comedy? Yep. There’s plenty of it, and without giving anything away I have to mention that Ferrell and Lithgow lead the way. Some of my favourite moments include Lithgow’s ‘wolf experience’ and Ferrell’s Christmas tree shopping. Trust me, you’ll howl with laughter. And while inevitable jealousies arise, it’s not just the daddy’s who are taking part this time. That’s right Linda Cardellini and Alessandra Ambrosio wage their own step-parent war, and their constant bickering it pretty hilarious to watch.

I also have to mention John Cena, who is Dusty’s mortal enemy Roger, and who continues to showcase his wild comedy talent. Again not giving too much away let’s just say Cena has real range and he can definitely carry a note.

Sometimes with a film, you just need something simple and completely over-the-top. Well, that’s exactly what Daddy’s Home 2 does and the holiday season will be a whole lot funnier for it.

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