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Step into the future with ‘Alita: Battle Angel’

Step into the future with ‘Alita: Battle Angel’


Noted directors Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron are teaming up for something very special with the highly stylized Alita: Battle Angel which has just released its first trailer.

Check it out below:

Here’s the synopsis:

After she is discarded in a trash pile, cyborg Alita (Rosa Salazr) is brought back to life by the kindly Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) and has to navigate a strange and exotic future world.

The trailer is most definitely not what I had anticipated. While I had thought we’d get some high-octane extravaganza, instead what we appear to have here is a beautiful, heartfelt film of a young woman’s coming of age. It just so happens that she’s a robot though.

While Rodriguez is on as director, noted visionary James Cameron will serve as a producer on the project, which he has been shepherding for more than 10 years.

Rodriguez’s assembled cast looks brilliant with Rosa Salazar taking on the role of Alita, and two-time Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz making an appearance as the kindly Dr. Dyson Ido. It’s definitely a change of pace for Waltz, who is used to playing more quirky, outrageous characters, but he looks great as Alita’s adoptive father figure and creator.

Check out my full reaction video below, and listen in on what I think about Rodriguez’s unique storytelling style for Alita: Battle Angel.

Alita: Battle Angel is one science fiction film to get excited for and will be released in cinemas in July 2018.