Home Movie Trailers Jennifer Lawrence is a dangerous creature in ‘Red Sparrow’
Jennifer Lawrence is a dangerous creature in ‘Red Sparrow’

Jennifer Lawrence is a dangerous creature in ‘Red Sparrow’


2018 is getting underway and the thrills are already here thanks to the gripping new trailer for Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton which had just been released.

Check it out below:

Here’s the synopsis:

Dominika Egorov (Lawrence) is a Russian Spy trained as a ‘sparrow’ or an operative who has been taught to use her femininity as a weapon. But after she is initially charged to seduce CIA case officer Nathanial Nash (Joel Edgerton), Dominika begins to fall in love with him and considers becoming a double agent. 

The new trailer throws audiences right into the thick of the action, as Lawrence’s Dominika is transformed from innocent ingenue to that of a master seductress and merciless assassin. Lawrence looks particularly intense in the film and her gradual lack of emotion as it is stripped away by her brutal training regime really shows up in the footage.

It’s also pretty damn clear that Red Sparrow is going to get damn messy! Director Francis Lawrence is not shying away from the film’s brutal aspects, including the merciless training ground known as the Sparrow School! Here violence is a way of life, and it’s clear that Dominika will have to utilise all of her considerable willpower to survive both it and the dark intentions of her Government handlers.

Joel Edgerton makes a great match alongside Lawrence as the intelligent and suave Nathanial Nash, an American CIA officer who is trying to turn defectors within Russia, and who quickly falls for Dominika and her charms and seeks to help her find a way out.

Then there’s the sinister and dark presence of Matthias Schoenaerts as Ivan Dimitrevich Egorov, Dominika’s uncle who inducts her into the Sparrow School, and who is willing to do unthinkable things to her in order to make her his perfect assassin.

Check out my thoughts below on the new trailer and what Red Sparrow has me excited to see:

Red Sparrow is an absolute must watch and will be released in cinemas on March 1.