Home Movie Trailers Tom Hardy finds his demons in first teaser for ‘Venom’
Tom Hardy finds his demons in first teaser for ‘Venom’

Tom Hardy finds his demons in first teaser for ‘Venom’


Ever since it was first announced I’ve been buzzing about the impending arrival of Sony Pictures Venom starring Tom Hardy.

It’s a film that came completely out of left field and with the presence of Tom Hardy and the promise of a hard R-rated superhero film it was a very exciting thing to behold. Now we’ve got the first official teaser trailer for Venom and it gives a chilling hint at what is to come.

Check it out below:

Here’s the synopsis:

Former supervillain Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) attempts to restart his life over in San Francisco. But he soon finds himself targeted by a sadistic corporation who seek to control the alien symbiote that has bonded with him. With his back against the wall and nowhere to run, Brock will have to unleash his inner monster to survive. But can he control the darkness within him….or will it devour him forever.

The teaser doesn’t give anything away and appears to be setting the mood for what comes next. While we do get to see Brock possessed and in a state of convulsion as he turns into Venom, so far there’s no sign of the big bad anywhere.

What we do get is a very frazzled and burnt-out Brock, along with a hint at the symbiotes in a containment centre. There’s a real dark sci-fi element here and I can just taste the Cronenberg/Carpenter stylization of director Ruben Fleischer with this one. The trailer also shows that they’ll be plenty of action and that when the time comes fans can expect something awesome.

Check out my full reaction for Venom below and hear out my thoughts about what I’m really excited to see from this new film:

Venom will prove to be a wild ride when it is released in cinemas on October 4.