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‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ – Review

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ – Review


If you’re looking for a blockbuster then you’ll find it in Pacific Rim Uprising! Trust me when I say that they don’t get any bigger than this and you’ll be jumping out of your chair thanks to how awesome this mecha vs monster film is.

Ten years have passed since the Battle of the Breach and the oceans are still but restless. But when the Kaiju threat arrives again, Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), son of the legendary Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba), is tasked to lead the fight against the Kaiju’s and save humanity once more from the brink of extinction.

I must admit that I was extremely intrigued by Pacific Rim Uprising and was excited by what would come next as I was a huge fan of the original. While I was still disappointed that Charlie Hunnam could not return as Raleigh Beckett, I must say that Pacific Rim Uprising was one adrenaline-charged piece of cinema that took a stance on doing something different and original.

Rising Hollywood star John Boyega takes centre stage as Jake Pentecost, the near-do-well son of the legendary Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) who gripped by potential has made a life for himself as a second-rate burnout. Facing some serious jail time Jake finds himself back in the Jaeger project ready to make his father proud.

Boyega really commits to the character and channels the spirit of the great Idris Elba in his performance. But while playing the stoic side of the character he also injects a good dose of his own humour into the character with some very funny one-liners. Boyega really has a blast with the character and when he does jump into VR fightscape of The Drift he really throws down with some big hits the topple plenty of kaijus.

Standing next to Boyega is Scott Eastwood as Nate Lambert, a military man who is completely devoted to the cause and who makes a great counterpart to Jake. Pacific Rim Uprising is a real step up for Eastwood who is well on his way to headliner territory and with Nate, he gets to craft a character that fits with his personality and inner character.

Pacific Rim Uprising takes everything to the next level and this includes how it looks at the inner workings of the Jaeger program, The Drift and how Jaeger’s fight together as a pack. This time it’s about the new generation taking over, and these young recruits get their chance when everything goes to hell. Director Steven S. DeKnight focuses on building a world that has a real international flavour to it and you really get the impression that since surviving the first Kaiju War humanity has grown even closer together. And when our extinction is on the line it’s better to have numbers on your side.

The action in Pacific Rim Uprising is bold and in-your-face and DeKnight throws plenty of epic set pieces at his audience. My favourite scene is without-a-doubt the duel between Gypsy Avenger, the new-look Gypsy Danger piloted by Jake and Nate and rogue Jaeger Obsidian Fury. This CGI beatdown is damn impressive, and you feel every punch, strike and blow that Gypsy Avenger delivers. DeKnight puts you right into the action with his emphasis on big thrills and high-stakes action that really lays the world’s fate on the line, and his direction, combined with the impressive CGI will really suck you into this action extravaganza.

You’ll also never see the twists coming with Pacific Rim Uprising. DeKnight and his team take this film in a whole other direction, and I was really impressed with how original the film was. Without going into spoilers I can say that the production team really did something different here and it really heightens the whole film’s atmosphere and environment.

Pacific Rim Uprising is one fantastic blockbuster and I loved every single moment of it. I came into it looking for fun and what I got was a whole lot more thanks to the bigger battles and it’s original approach to its narrative. Pacific Rim Uprising is big, bold fun and you’ll have a blast while watching it.

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