Home Movie Trailers Tom Hardy unleashes his inner monster in ‘Venom’ trailer
Tom Hardy unleashes his inner monster in ‘Venom’ trailer

Tom Hardy unleashes his inner monster in ‘Venom’ trailer


There’s a monster in all of us. Tom Hardy is ready to unleash his in Venom, a superhero scare fest which has just released its new trailer.

Watch it below….if you dare:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) attempts to restart his life over in San Francisco. But he soon finds himself targeted by a sadistic corporation who seek to control the alien symbiote that has bonded with him. With his back against the wall and nowhere to run, Brock will have to unleash his inner monster to survive. But can he control the darkness within him….or will it devour him forever.

This trailer came completely out of left field, and was a special arrival thanks to CinemaCon. It builds on the previous footage, and provides one hell of an intriguing look at Hardy as he conjures one of Marvel’s most well known villains, the alien symbiote known as Venom, to life.

Venom Poster Official Tom Hardy

Hardy has really delved deep into his role as Brock, and the change that consumes him is really fun to watch. Director Ruben Fleischer is playing up the Jekyll/Hyde quality of the project and you can see the struggle that Hardy’s Brock has to suffer through as the symbiote begins to take over his mind and body.

The film is really playing up the line between Hardy’s role as both hero and villain, and the final reveal of Venom really takes your breath away. I was particularly pleased that the filmmakers are drawing on the idea of Venom as a creature, and it swallowing Brock whole as it takes over. Hardy’s portrayal of Venom is certainly threatening and the work that has been undertaken to perfect the symbiote’s voice is very impressive.

This trailer really got me amped, and it’s very easy to see why it’s one of my five most anticipated films of 2018. Check out my full trailer reaction below:

Venom is going to be an absolute game changer for cinema audiences and they should be expecting an equal dose of thrills and chills when this gem is released in cinemas on October 4.