Home Movie Trailers Get ready for a twist or two with ‘A Simple Favour’
Get ready for a twist or two with ‘A Simple Favour’

Get ready for a twist or two with ‘A Simple Favour’


Just when you think you’ve got him figured out Paul Feig has thrown us a delicious new curve-ball with his saucy new thriller A Simple Favour.

Starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, this clever and twisting thriller follows Stephanie (Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who yearns to learn of the mysterious disappearance of her best friend Emily (Lively). But as she digs deeper into Emily’s life it soon become clear that her best friend may not have been who Stephanie first thought she was…and that all along she may have been hiding a far darker persona after all.

A Simple Favour definitely has my interest and I’m digging the Hitchcockian style that Feig is exploring with his new feature. His casting is spot on with Kendrick and Lively and he looks to be spinning a very twisted tale.

The film also looks to be exploring some very intense themes that relate to our society’s obsession with status and consumerism, along with the consequences of a lifestyle like this and this of course leads to plenty of questions as to what exactly happened to Emily after all.

A Simple Favour Image SpicyPulp

If you’re looking for an elegant mystery then you’ll find it in A Simple Favour, and I can guarantee you that I’ll be lining up for this thrilling little gem when it is released in cinemas on September 20.

Image: Roadshow Films