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Spike Lee brings soul to ‘BlackkKlansman’ trailer

Spike Lee brings soul to ‘BlackkKlansman’ trailer


Can you dig it? I say can you dig it!!! Well that’s exactly what you’re doing to do because Spike Lee is back and he’s ready to shake things up with BlackkKlansman the incredibly strange and totally true story that is taking audiences by storm.

Check out the trailer below:

Here’s the synopsis:

Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), a rookie African American detective in Colorado Springs, Colorado, infiltrates the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan and eventually becomes the head of the chapter in a story that shocked the nation and the world!

Any time Spike Lee gets behind a camera you should be excited and his latest film, BlackkKlansman looks like one crazy and hilarious ride. Rising star John David Washington teams up alongside Adam Driver for this crazy true life story of one of the most outrageous true crime stories of all-time. Not only does Lee play up the controversy here, but he puts his own unique comedic spin on the film.

BlackkKlansman Image SpicyPulp

Washington and Driver make a great odd-couple up on screen and they’re joined by Topher Grace as the outrageous David Duke, Grand Wizard of the KKK who is totally oblivious to the situation that he’s falling into. Lee also mixes a good amount of 1970s soul into the film, and the production design and costuming are spot on.

BlackkKlansman has already one won acclaim from critics at the Cannes Film Festival and it very well could end up being one of the best films of 2018.

Get ready for a good dose of soul power and some outrageous comedy when BlackkKlansman is released in cinemas on August 9.