Home Movie News Jamie Fox will unleash his inner monster for ‘Spawn’
Jamie Fox will unleash his inner monster for ‘Spawn’

Jamie Fox will unleash his inner monster for ‘Spawn’


Todd McFarlane is a lightening rod as a creator who has literally spawned an empire with his vigilante badass Spawn which lit the early 1990s comic book scene on fire. Now McFarlane is stepping behind the camera in his directorial debut in a hotly anticipated film and he’s now found his lead in the form of Jamie Foxx who will star as Al Simmons/Spawn.

McFarlane confirmed Foxx’s casting alongside Blumhouse Productions CEO Jason Blum on his Instagram channel.

While the post doesn’t go into any kind of details related to the plot or just what Foxx will get up to as Spawn it’s a very exciting proposition to know that Foxx will be taking on this coveted role.

McFarlane has been promising something freaky with this new adaptation which will be presented as a straight up horror film. The director has likened it to Jaws and has stated that even though Spawn will be a big part of the story the film will in fact revolve around the character and actions of Detective Twitch Williams.

McFarlane has also confirmed that the film will not be an origin story and that the character of Spawn will be a silent ghost-like figure.

In an interview with Deadline McFarlane mentioned The Thing and The Grudge as reference points and also said that he’s been inspired by A Quiet Place.

McFarlane also suggested that he is thinking of the film as a first entry of a possible trilogy, but that his focus will be firmly on the first film which will be budgeted at $10 – $12 million. On how the film fits into a possible trilogy MsFarlane said “I’ve got a trilogy in mind here, and I’m not inclined in this first movie to do an origin story. I’m mentally exhausted from origin stories.”

A new feature adaptation starring Jamie Foxx, directed by Todd McFarlane and being produced by Blumhouse Productions is an incredible exciting opportunity and by the sounds of it will scare the living hell out of you when it is released next year.

Source: Deadline