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‘Runaways’ – ‘Reunion’ – ‘Review’

‘Runaways’ – ‘Reunion’ – ‘Review’


Lost, out of place, alienated, have no idea who your true friends are, and your parents are just the worst? Sounds like high school to me…or it could just be the setting for a very cool new show in Runaways.

This lavish adaptation of Bryan K Vaughn’s best-selling Marvel comic book series follows a group of six gifted teenagers living in the real world, our world, who discover that they they have super powers and abilities beyond those of mere mortals. They also discover that their parents are criminal supervillians who are part of a group called The Pride. And what do they do, well, they runaway, and take the fight to their parents in an effort to preserve what is right and good in the world.

I was really excited for a Runaways series, and episode one does not disappoint. This is a wicked new series with lots of potential and what makes it so compelling is that is grounds its story in the real world. Our lead characters are realistic and relatable with real life problems such as not fitting in at school, clashing with their parents plans for their futures, or just trying to rekindle friendships and bonds that were once so strong, but that now are completely lost.

Each of the characters including tech wizard Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), goth punk Nico (Lyrica Okano), religious high achiever Karolina (Virginia Gardner), riot grrrl and social activist Gert (Ariela Barer), All-American jock Chase (Gregg Sulkin) and all around optimist Molly (Allegra Acosta) have their own problems to contend with and very relatable as characters. While we only get a snapshot of who they are in this first episode I can say that I was really impressed with the performances of the young cast and so far am intrigued by the stories of Karolina and Gert who interest me the most with their conflicting emotions and interesting story-points.

Joining the young cast are a talented group of actors and actresses including the likes of James Marsters, Angel Parker, Ryan Sands, Kip Pardue and Annie Wersching. Masters is a really big find for the series and evokes a chilling intellect as Chase’s father Victor Stein, a self-made industrialist who rules with an iron fist and who is very strict on his son. The revelation of the parents identity as The Pride at the end of the episode is handled well, and sets the scene for plenty of shocks to follow.

While super powers and abilities will come into play so far Runaways is only teasing these on the surface with this first episode and that will allow audiences to really invest in the characters before the action kicks off. But don’t worry it will kick off and Bryan K Vaughn really knows how to chart a story and things will get very interesting as the story progresses.

Runaways is a series to get really excited about so make sure you check out the first episode and brace yourself for some very cool television.

Runaways is screening on Sky 5 and NEON now.