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Santiago Cabrera opens up about ‘Salvation’

Santiago Cabrera opens up about ‘Salvation’


Television is readily becoming the best place to go for hard hitting science fiction with the likes of shows such as Lost In Space are pulling in enormous views and stunning audiences in the process.

Now a new series which is grounded in our world of climate change, real world science and entrepreneurism is ready to come to screens in Salvation.

Starring Santiago Cabrera (Heroes, The Musketeers), Salvation follows billionaire scientist Darius Tanz as he desperately works to bring together the worlds best minds in a race against time to stop an asteroid from destroying earth.

The first season appears to be wrapped full of intensity and Cabrera has opened up abaout what fans can expect from the action packed first season:

What is the main conflict in Season 1 of Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “The main conflicts are I think when we are up against a threat as humanity as a planet, as human beings, how do we confront that threat? Do we come together or do we actually go against each other? I think it’s a very big theme, very relevant theme and I think it’s that thing when you put up against the wall how do you react. And so really the stakes are enormously high for everyone because it’s the fate of our planet and the fate of the human race that’s at stake.”

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What sets Salvation apart from other science fiction dramas on television?

Santiago Cabrera: “One of the main differences for me is that we’re grounded in reality I don’t think there is anything you can point out that couldn’t actually happen. I mean, asteroids and comets have hit earth. There are videos of it happening. We use one at the beginning of the first episode. And all scientists if you do research they say that is a threat that could come and could very well come one day we don’t know when. I think that being grounded and keeping it real is definitely something when it comes to apocalyptic kind of a material. This stands out in that respect.”

Santiago Cabrera: “What I like and one of the things that really drew me to the show is that the stakes are very high and it’s something, you know, the world is a threat. We also have got – we still keep a light touch in moments where these characters do have a sense of humour. You know, it doesn’t become earnest and I think sometimes that can be – could just get a bit too, can create a distance because in real life I think we as human beings find lightness in the most extreme scenarios as well.”

Who is Darius Tanz?

Santiago Cabrera: “Darius is a very accomplished man who has his own company Tanz Industries, who is in many ways an inventor and has always worked with the greatest inventors in the world. I think he is as much as an ideas man as a hands-on man. He has created an empire for himself and is very much in the vein of someone like Elon Musk today, someone who thinks we should be an interplanetary species and wants to go to Mars, so he is very much of a pioneer in that sense and I would include a lot of other people like Steve Jobs. He is definitely someone that could be a good reference. He is someone with a lot of power and definitely one of the great minds of today.”

Santiago Cabrera: “People like Darius, the people like that they don’t get there without making enemies along the way and they’re very driven and they know what they want. So, it’s a very complex character and someone who I think those kind of things we meet him as you know, very successful and a very admired man. And then I think as the show goes on we start to discover his demons as well. And I think there is also a level of sacrificing a normal life for the sake of a gift that he had he clearly with someone with a gift and I think that has made him also a not very – maybe a way to put his social skills maybe are not as developed as his other skills.”

What drew you to the role of Darius Tanz on Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “What drew me is definitely the nature of a genius because I think geniuses are very complicated people. You know, you can have a very romantic idea of being a genius. But I think the nature of it is really complex and that really drew me to him. When I met Liz and Craig, they did have Elon Musk as a reference and [Steve] Jobs and a lot of other of these characters and these people. There is that thing of ‘what is it that sets them apart from the rest’ and also that drive and that determination and how that affects their relationships and how that you know affects the way they are perceived and how they act in the world. I think that’s a — that was a very fascinating aspect for me.”

Can you relate to your character on Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “I relate to him being someone who is kind of grown up a little bit, all over the place. I definitely relate to him in that idea of you know, being very — working very hard and now I’ve got a one-year-old so I haven’t got a second for anything. So, I guess juggling this show and juggling a little kid is sort of my one-year-old is my Tanz Industries and this job as well. But I think yeah, really that idea of being able to fit a lot of things in I find that really fascinating. How much we actually are capable of and sort of channelling that part of yourself. I think we’ll have that within us you know, I get to channel things that aren’t necessarily me, but I know that I have them and as an actor I’m always looking for that.”

How did you prepare for your role as Darius Tanz on Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “I’ve loved the research on this part. I mean, I always sort of whatever you’re doing, you get into it so whenever – if you’re playing a musician you play the instrument. If you’re playing someone who is – military trained. And a lot of things are very accessible, but this one was like how do I get clever. There was a lot of reading about science and tackling that part of myself sort of looking back and going oh, I was actually not bad at chemistry and math. And then also reading about these guys and how they’ve created their empires, created their company, watching documentaries about them. Also, watching documentaries about the crew, you know, the Universe and Space and the idea of going to Mars there is a real sort of there is a lot of people today that have been that have really pushed and the idea of living and having a colonial on Mars is very advanced. All of those things have been part of my research, yeah.”

How would you describe Darius’ relationship with Grace?

Santiago Cabrera: “We meet Grace Barrows, who Darius, which is a very interesting relationship and it’s something that will you know be revealed as we go along. I think Darius see something in Grace and she’s his way into the government and to get the resources to be able to fulfil what I want to fulfil.”

Santiago Cabrera: “I think he sees in Grace a potential that maybe other people don’t see in something – there is more to her. And course Grace and Harris are an item and Darius sports that straightaway and can use that as well to his advantage.”

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How does Darius view Liam?

Santiago Cabrera: “I guess it will develop. He could be like a younger brother or Darius being a father figure for Liam. Liam is sort of – you could say he is maybe a young Darius in the making, you know, a genius in his own right. And for Darius I think you know when these guys go to colleges and places like MIT to speak there it’s always in the hopes that you know every maybe other generations will be that one person who you know has the chops to come and work for them and continue that work. And I think Darius starts to see that in Liam, but doesn’t want to tell him that of course.”

What do we know about Darius’ history with Harris?

Santiago Cabrera: “I arrive at the Pentagon and then we meet Harris Edwards, who is – goes way back with my character. You know, there is someone who clearly have the past that I would, we kind of talked about it is probably issues in the past. They’ve done business together and have fallen out. It’s been a sort of a combatant tumultuous relationship is definitely a competitive nature that yeah. Darius, you know, we say that he has made his billions – being a billionaire started out by selling drones to the government. So that’s how he made his money so he is definitely through that there have been business transactions and working relationship with Harris. It’s very, it’s a bit, so very fiery. There is definitely an immediate standoff between the two.”

Should we trust Darius?

Santiago Cabrera: “I think it’s great if the audience is suspicious of him if, he is you know, if you’re also rooting for him and if he is also the guy you love to hate sometimes. I think Darius really just goes about his business without care. He doesn’t care what other people think of him. He is very aggressive in the way he wants to get things done and has no time for simplicity and simple-minded people. It’s I guess what these people tackle, some like would like Darius’s mind works so quickly and is sort of so ahead of the games so you get very frustrated with the rest of the world because you just think the other people are stupid. And a lot of that comes out and that’s definitely a fun side of the character.”

Santiago Cabrera: “You have to be brave and I think we’re doing that to not be scared of them sometimes not being so likable. I think you just have to – if the story has you gripped and the characters keep evolving then you want people to be invested in these characters and independent of whether they’re doing good or bad.”

What technologies are featured in season 1 of Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “In my world there is a lot of great technology that I’ve created not only Tanz Industries and itself. The offices of Tanz are absolutely a fascinating, it’s sort of you could say a mixture of SpaceX and Google and I think this way it’s described. And then Darius’s toys, my toys are really very high-tech. There is some hologram stuff going on there and also, I think there is a big surprise. I don’t think I know, but there is a big surprise down the line in relation to Space.”

What is it like working with the cast of Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “It’s been really good. It’s also you know, it’s a testament to the people behind it that are putting it together because these things are always a leap of faith you never know how they’re going to come together and to see how right everyone is for their part and how different we all are. But also, we’ve just come together really nice down-to-earth people, very talented people and like I say, very, each one very distinct. I am very glad with the way the cast has come together and I feel like we’re all playing off each other very well. And the great thing that we’re doing is with the scripts as well as they’re mixing us up, which I think makes for great storytelling. You have all these different characters and why not have them interact with each other. So, you’ll see as you watch the show different episodes you start, we know we’ll start sort of having storylines that cross with each other, so it’s good, yeah.”

Why will audiences love Salvation?

Santiago Cabrera: “I think the high stakes always attract viewers. I think it’s a geopolitical thriller, which personally — the idea of the nature of a thriller and in today’s atmosphere in the world you know, geopolitical thriller is just so relevant because you know we are all the world knew – it’s all about coming together as well. There is that feeling.”

Santiago Cabrera: “The science aspect of it – that it’s I think the sci-fi world has a huge, huge fan base and this is very much of that feel of those sci-fact here it’s based, it’s grounded in reality and that I find fascinating. We also have – there is always a humour element to it, I think, which is very necessary to – for the entertainment factor. I think that show is really sort of becomes like when it needs to, but without losing that reality. And relationships, there is always love stories at its centre and there are people the way they relate to each other and that will evolve and I think the characters really grow within the show. You get to know these people and you get to sort of go on a journey with them, which is a biggest hope really.”

If you’re looking for a rush then you’ll definitely find it with Salvation which will arrive on Sky 5 on July 20 at 8.30pm. Click here for all the details.

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