Home Movie Trailers Taron Egerton unleashes anarchy in new ‘Robin Hood’ trailer
Taron Egerton unleashes anarchy in new ‘Robin Hood’ trailer

Taron Egerton unleashes anarchy in new ‘Robin Hood’ trailer


Taron Egerton is ready to shake things up in this high action re-imagining of the greatest outlaw of all time in Robin Hood, which has just released its brand new trailer.

Check out the explosive new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis:

Returning battle worn from the crusades, Robin of Locksley (Egerton), finds Nottingham overthrown with corruption and vows to do something about it. Donning the hood of an outlaw he seeks to rob from the rich to give to the poor and bring about a revolution along the way. 

Following on the heels of the first action packed teaser, this new look takes audiences deeper into the heart of story and Robin’s arch rivalry with the scheming and totalitarian Sheriff of Nottingham (Ben Mendelsohn). The film finds Egerton as a war-weary crusader who becomes a simple of hope and justice as he wages a war against those who would oppress the people of Nottingham.

In a point of difference director Otto Bathurst has conceived of a cool heist angle to the film with Robin and his assembled crew who include Little John (Jamie Foxx), Maid Marian (Eve Hewson) and Will Scarlett (Jamie Dornan) who decide to rob the Sheriff of control of Nottingham’s treasury in a series of daring raids.

Egerton appears to bringing some serious rock star swagger to the role of Hood and has some sweet skills with a bow and arrow. He’s got this acrobat’s grace about him and really pulls off some awesome trick shots with his bow which he turns into a kind of machine gun with multiple arrows flying through the air.

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Standing next to Egerton is Jamie Foxx as Little John, a Saracan who saved him during the Crusades and who now takes it upon himself to get Robin into outlaw shape. It’s very evident from the trailer that Foxx had a blast in this role and this energy will really make things interesting when the film arrives up on the big screen.

And if you’re wanting action, well, you’ll find it here as Bathurst and his team appear to have jam-packed this film with tonnes of it! Whether it’s Egerton smoking the Sheriff’s thugs with arrows or Dornan leading a gang riot as Scarlett, Robin Hood is going to really amp your adrenaline up.

Robin Hood is a film you should be really excited about and you won’t want to miss it when it arrives in cinemas on November 22.