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Tom Hardy becomes a monster in new Venom trailer

Tom Hardy becomes a monster in new Venom trailer


Superheroes. The world’s got a enough of them and it doesn’t need a another hero…what it needs is something different. Something deadly, dangerous and ready to break all kinds of rules. And that’s exactly what we’re about to get in the brand new trailer for Venom.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) attempts to restart his life over in San Francisco. But he soon finds himself targeted by a sadistic corporation who seek to control the alien symbiote that has bonded with him. With his back against the wall and nowhere to run, Brock will have to unleash his inner monster to survive. But can he control the darkness within him….or will it devour him forever.

This new trailer for Venom absolutely blew me away with how incredibly awesome it is! Director Ruben Fleischer and mega star Tom Hardy are ready to take audiences to a whole new level with his new action film that is taking the hero out of the superhero genre and is instead leaving us with a story of the villain. And it looks glorious.

Following on from both the first look images, teaser and trailer, this new trailer takes audiences deeper inside the twisted world of the Life Foundation and its quest to bond human and symbiote, while also looking closer at the twisted duality of Eddie Brock/Venom as the man is forced to accept the monster and the extreme freedom and consequences that come with this kind of power.

Hardy gives an incredible duel performance here as both Brock and Venom and you can see him engaged in a range of emotions as he undergoes his transformation. While its evident that his human morality and basic sense of right and wrong comes into play here, Venom itself revels in all the bad that it can accomplish and likes the idea of taking Brock closer to its own edge.

Fans will also be excited by the prospect of seeing more than one symbiote and it’s sure to be a battle. The film has some incredibly ambitious action scenes that will really knock you back in your seat and the CGI looks to have truly brought Venom to life!

Venom Poster Official Tom Hardy

Get ready for one hell of a scary thrill ride when Venom arrives in cinemas on October 4 and remember…there’s no heroes this time.