Home Movie News The outlaw lives in new posters for ‘Robin Hood’
The outlaw lives in new posters for ‘Robin Hood’

The outlaw lives in new posters for ‘Robin Hood’


Taron Egerton is ready to channel history’s greatest ever outlaw in Robin Hood, and following on from some action packed trailers we now have a brand new look at the film with a collection of posters highlighting the film’s cast.

The new posters offer a look at the principle cast including Egerton’s Robin of Locksley who assumes the identity of the outlaw Robin Hood, Jamie Foxx’s Little John, a Saracen warrior who becomes a mentor to Robin, Jamie Dornan’s local anarchist gang leader Will Scarlet, Eve Hewson’s beautiful and opulent Maid Marian, Tim Minchin’s good hearted Friar Tuck and Ben Mendohlsohn as the calculating and totalitarian Sheriff of Nottingham.

Robin Hood Posters Little John SpicyPulp

Director Otto Bathurst is really shaking things up with his new adaptation of the legend and audiences can expect an action-packed extravaganza with some serious edge to it.

Robin Hood Posters Scarlet SpicyPulp

Robin Hood Posters Marian SpicyPulp

Robin Hood Posters Tuck SpicyPulp

Here’s the official synopsis for Robin Hood:

Returning battle worn from the crusades, Robin of Locksley (Egerton), finds Nottingham overthrown with corruption and vows to do something about it. Donning the hood of an outlaw he seeks to rob from the rich to give to the poor and bring about a revolution along the way. 

If you’re looking for action then make sure you check out Robin Hood when it arrives in cinemas this year on November 22.

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