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Step into the world of ‘Mayans MC’

Step into the world of ‘Mayans MC’


Outlaw showrunner Kurt Sutter is ready to return to the small screen with his brand new series Mayans MC and the new show will explore a whole new side of the outlaw motorcycle world we first witnessed in Sons of Anarchy.

Watch the brand new featurette below:

This new behind-the-scenes looks takes you inside the world of Ezekiel ‘EZ” Reyes (J.D. Pardo), a young prospect in the Santo Padre chapter of the Mayans MC. EZ was set to live the American Dream, but this was robbed from him in a tragic event that left him in prison and which changed the direction of his life forever. Now prospecting in the world of the Mayans he’ll have to accept the unwritten laws of this dangerous new world if he’s to survive and prosper.

The new featurette takes you inside the world of the Mayans and their unique code and once again the stories focus is on the family and the brotherhood that these men have accepted into their lives. Newcomer J.D. Pardo is ready to spin a different type of character and as EZ he’ll have to deal with a whole separate series of problems that are far different from that of Sons of Anarchy’s Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), but which are certainly just as compelling.

Sutter, along with his fellow showrunner Elgin James, again grounds the series in realism and current events and also gets to add a unique look and style to the series with it’s California/Mexico border setting and it’s unique Latino setting.

Get ready to dive into a fascinating new series when Mayans MC is released in September 5 on Soho.

Image: Soho.