Home Television Recaps ‘Mayans MC’ – “Búho/Muwan” – Review
‘Mayans MC’ – “Búho/Muwan” – Review

‘Mayans MC’ – “Búho/Muwan” – Review


The bond of brotherhood means everything to the men of the Mayans, but their loyalties are about to get tested as we enter a brand new chapter of Mayans MC.

Following the events of Episode One and Two, Episode Three finds Miguel Galindo ready to stage a full-on war to see his only child returned for him….and all will suffer in the fallout.

This is especially true for young Mayan prospect EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo) who we have now learnt is actually an undercover informant who is being forced to feed information to his handlers within the DEA in order to avoid serving out the remainder of his sentence for accidentally murdering a police officer years earlier.

It’s a narrative bomb that drops on you like a half a kilotone A-Bomb and which throws a serious spanner into the works for the Mayans. Not only is EZ forced to have to deal with his plea bargain being waved over his head by an all to zealous DEA agent but Angel’s lofty goals of inciting the rebels and their charismatic leader Adelita to greater glory are cut short as the MC have other plans in mind.

In short….there are no easy turns in Mayans MC.

Two things that I really dug about this episode was the fact that we got to see EZ putting in the work for his patch, such as when he had to deal with some disrespectful off-duty cops at a local Indian Casino who he had to ‘straighten out”, along with it offering us a deeper look into the relationship that is shared between Reyes family patriarch Felipe (Edward James Olmos) and his two sons.

While so far we’ve only watched Felipe from a distance this time we get to see him up close and its clear that he’s a very capable man who is for more than he seems. An esteemed veteran performer such as Olmos was a great piece of casting for Mayans MC and he brings a wonderful gravitas to both the series and the narrative at play. Between Olmos, Pardo and Cardenas you get a complicated portrait of a once strong, but now broken family and throw in the added pressure of the underworld and you’ve got plenty of drama brewing.

While we also get our regular helping of beat’em up tough guy action here, there’s also a good dose of outrageous comedy which we first saw in Sons of Anarchy. Showrunner Kurt Sutter and his writers continually find ingenious ways to make us crack up and these inappropriate moments always lead to a great laugh.

“Búho/Muwan” was another solid entry in this burgeoning Mayans MC saga and there are plenty of interesting developments on the horizon.

Mayans MC will premiere new episodes every Wednesday at 9.30pm on SOHO and Neon.

Image: SOHO/Neon.